The Anzac-class frigate HMAS Parramatta returned to its home port of Sydney following a regional presence deployment.

The ship’s company was greeted on the wharf by waiting family and friends as well as Navy’s Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Jonathan Earley.

The 75-day deployment, which started in May, resulted in the ship steam more than 17700 nautical miles (nearly 33000kms), spend 58 days underway at sea, operate its embarked MH-60R Seahawk helicopter for more than 150 flying hours and conduct four regional port visits in South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Singapore.

As well as engaging with regional partners ashore during port visits, Parramatta conducted several underway replenishments at sea and other cooperative engagements with regional navies, providing valuable opportunities for training, enhanced mutual understanding and improved interoperability.

Parramatta also contributed to Operation Argos, the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) commitment to the international effort to enforce United Nations Security Council sanctions on North Korea until it takes concrete steps towards denuclearisation.

ADF assets contributed to sanction enforcement by monitoring for and deterring illegal ship-to-ship transfers of sanctioned goods.

While deployed, the crew managed to take time to raise more than $3300 for Cystic Fibrosis Australia, thanks to Parramatta’s Physical Training Instructor pushing crew members performing ’65 reps for 65 roses’ in support of the charity’s 65 Roses Day on May 27.

Commanding Officer Parrramatta Commander Dave Murphy said he was very pleased at what his ship’s company had achieved during the deployment.

“I am very proud of the way everyone in Parramatta has worked to achieve our mission throughout this deployment,” Commander Murphy said.

“The crew has represented Australia well in foreign ports, collaborated well when operating with regional partner navies and generally pulled together well as a team to meet every challenge that has confronted us.”

Rear Admiral Jonathan Earley paid tribute to the contribution of the ship to regional security.

“Maintaining a nearly constant regional presence in support of regional security is a key mission for Navy and Parramatta has made an important and valuable contribution to that mission,” Rear Admiral Earley said.

“My congratulations to Commander Murphy and every member of the ship’s company for everything they contributed and achieved during this deployment.”

Parramatta’s deployment was the second regional presence deployment completed so far in 2022, with a third regional presence deployment currently underway and further deployments due to commence later in the coming months.

The presence of Australian Navy ships throughout the Indo-Pacific, as well as along Australia’s maritime borders, is an essential part of working towards a peaceful, prosperous, secure and stable region.

Family and friends welcome home their loved ones on board HMAS Parramatta as the ship returns to Fleet Base East following a regional presence deployment. Photo: Able Seaman Benjamin Ricketts