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Unsafe and unprofessional interaction with PLA-Air Force
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Genuine Master Of Air
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Two Years On, Australia Stands With Ukraine
War in Ukraine at 2 years: Destruction seen from space – via radar
Why 2024 could be a grim year for Ukraine – with momentous implications for the world
New method to more accurately spot underground nuclear tests 
Underground nuclear tests are hard to detect. A new method can spot them 99% of the time
Defence continues to support United Nations sanctions against North Korea
The Doomsday Clock is still at 90 seconds to midnight. But what does that mean?
Weapon Transfers Must Comport with International Law, Senior UN Official Tells Security Council, Urging Cooperation to Reduce Illicit Arms Flows
Up to 5 billion people to be hit by rainfall changes this century if CO₂ emissions are not curbed, research shows
Russian Federation’s War Having ‘Appalling Impact’ on Ukraine’s Children, Under-Secretary-General Tells Security Council
HMAS Toowoomba supports sanctions on North Korea
Arms Transfers Must Be Transparent, within International Legal Frameworks, Senior Disarmament Official Tells Security Council
Last action hero now showing
Royal Australian Navy sets sail for regional presence deployment
View to killing off stereotypes
Defence joins international effort to enforce sanctions on North Korea
Measures Needed to Create Space for Diplomacy on Korean Peninsula, Peacebuilding Official Tells Security Council following Satellite Launch by Pyongyang
Security Council: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
America’s diminishing influence in charting a new world order
The status quo is not the answer, say UN experts: North Korea
‘Forgotten War’ no more – Korean War memorial unveiled
Prime Minister and Minister Keogh – Remembering the Veterans of the Korean War
Remembering veterans of Korean War
Security Council 1718 Sanctions Committee Amends 16 Entries on Its Sanctions List
Strengthening partnerships at sea and ashore
Explainer: Why does Saudi Arabia want ‘nuclear Aramco’?
Security Council 1718 Sanctions Committee Approves Updates to Implementation Notice on Humanitarian assistance Exemption Procedure for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
HMAS Anzac enforces United Nations Security Council sanctions against North Korea
Briefing Security Council on Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Failed Launch, Senior Official Stresses Diplomacy ‘the Only Way Forward’
SPEECH: To the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue 2023 by the Honourable Andrew Little MP, New Zealand Minister of Defence
Launch of Armistice in Korea 1953-23 photography exhibition