Latest Security Council News

In Colombia, UN Women Executive Director galvanizes action for women’s leadership and gender equality
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination Commend US on Covid Hate Crimes
Deputy Prime Minister meeting with ROK Minister for National Defense
HMAS Parramatta receives warm welcome home
World must strengthen prevention and accountability: Trafficking in persons in conflict situations
Connection to heritage
End-of-Mission Statement of UN Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices
Experts of Committee against Torture Praise United Arab Emirates for Establishing National Human Trafficking Committee
UN experts urge Security Council to prioritise humanitarian support: Syria
Australia-New Zealand Leaders’ Meeting 2022
In Dialogue with Georgia, Experts of Human Rights Committee Welcome New Mechanism for Responding to Views
Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syrian Arab Republic
Human rights council president appoints Radhika Coomaraswamy of Sri Lanka to serve on Ethiopia rights body
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Congratulate Bolivia for Campaign against Gender Stereotypes
Veterans Minister pays tribute to service and sacrifice at Korean War commemoration
After 15 years of blockade, four out of five children in Gaza say they are living with depression, grief, and fear
UN humanitarian leaders call for renewal of cross-border aid authorization to northwest Syria
FAO Council gathers to review plans and progress
United States-Japan-Australia Trilateral Defense Ministers Meeting
Harnessing Power of Diversity and Inclusion for Transformation
“The post-COVID world must not just build back better
Ballistic missile test by North Korea
Myanmar: number of children out of school more than doubles in two years
Prime Minister and President Biden reaffirm close NZ US relationship
Quad Joint Leaders’ Statement
UN Security Council meeting: Agriculture is key to lasting peace and security, FAO says
Russian banks targeted under latest round of sanctions
Australia and Vanuatu sign Pacific Fusion Centre MOU
UN High Level Officials urge swift investigation of sexual violence allegations and call for strengthened measures to protect women
Rapid gender analysis in Ukraine reveals different impacts and needs of women and men
Prime Minister – Transcript – Press Conference – Gordon, NSW
Sanctions response to North Korea’s missile tests
PM conveys NZ support in call to Ukraine PM
“Putin is abusing international law”
First tranche of sanctions under Russia Sanctions Act enacted
Initiation of legal proceedings against Russia over MH17
Australia joins UK and US in sanctioning key Russian oligarchs
UN Syria Commission warns of escalating violence, plummeting economy and humanitarian disaster: Syria’s abyss
Experts of Human Rights Committee Commend Iraq for its Judicial Pursuit of Perpetrators of Sexual Violence
Human Rights Council Discusses Situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan and in Tigray Region of Ethiopia
NZ allows for significant expansion of sanctions on Russia
High Commissioner for Human Rights notes significant increase in violence in Occupied Palestinian Territory
Aged and those with disabilities face heightened risks, say UN experts: Ukraine
In Dialogue with Israel, Experts of Human Rights Committee Raise Issues Concerning Applicability of Covenant and Ask about
Human Rights Council Begins Urgent Debate on Situation of Human Rights in Ukraine Stemming from Russian Aggression
Human Rights Council Hears from 19 Dignitaries as it Continues its High-Level Segment
On Second Day of Human Rights Council’s High-level Segment, Russia’s attack on Ukraine Continues to Dominate Discussion
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: Why hasn’t UN stepped in yet?