Latest Security Council News

Foreign Affairs Minister concludes final stage of world trip
Gender, peace and security
In Dialogue with Thailand, Experts of Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination Ask about Situation of Indigenous Peoples
Afghanistan: An infuriating, man-made catastrophe points toward massive suffering for Afghan families
Do more to support children born of rape in armed conflict and their mothers, UN committees urge States
Senior UN official calls for holistic approach to tackle security and human rights crisis: Mali
Human Rights Council requests High Commissioner for Human Rights to designate an Expert on human rights situation
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Commend South Sudan’s Progressive Legislation for Women
Government to deploy fifth P-3 Orion in support of UN sanctions
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Commend Policies in Favour of Family and Women
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women commend universal health care coverage
Compact on Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action signatories urge increased participation and protection for women
Australia’s continued commitment to sanctions enforcement against North Korea
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Ask Yemen about Discrimination against Women and Lack
UN experts condemn Israel’s designation of Palestinian human rights defenders as terrorist organisations
Afghan women leaders speak at UN: “Give us a seat at table.”
Remarks by Under-Secretary-General of UN and UN Women Executive Director, Sima Bahous,
Remarks by Secretary-General António Guterres at UN Security Council Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security
UN disabilities expert urges more inclusive approach across ‘peace continuum’
Take five: Investing in gender equality and women peacebuilders makes for lasting peace
Australia announces new High Commissioner to Cyprus
Australian cyber security expertise helps build skills in Malaysia
ICRC calls on States to ensure counter terrorism measure do not negatively impact humanitarian action
Statement by Group of Experts on Yemen on HRC rejection of resolution to renew their mandate
Transitional Justice Is Key to Unblocking Vicious Circle of Violence that Persists in Democratic Republic of Congo
Human Rights Council holds general debates on Universal Periodic Review and on human rights situation
Human Rights Council adopts Universal Periodic Review outcomes of Seychelles, Latvia, Singapore and Sierra Leone
Human Rights Council holds an interactive dialogue with Advisory Committee and general debate on Human Rights Bodies and Mechanisms
German Navy Visits Australia as part of Indo-Pacific voyage
Quad Leaders’ Summit Communique
Parties to Conflict Continue to Perpetrate War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, Infringing on Basic Human Rights of Syrians
Australia-Indonesia-Timor-Leste Trilateral Foreign Ministers’ Meeting
Researcher joins prestigious authors list
Arunta returns home after successful deployment
Grace Forrest wins WA Young Australian of Year 2021
AFP Women, Police and Peace virtual exhibition
20 years of Women, Peace and Security
HMAS Arunta contributes to Operation ARGOS
Australia announces new High Commissioner to Kenya
Australia Defense Ministers Kishi/Reynolds Joint Statement on Advancing Defence Cooperation
NZ announces a third P-3 deployment in support of UN sanctions
Transcript – Doorstop – Redbank, QLD
Defence’s continued commitment to Operation ARGOS
UNOCT and IATA set out to cooperate on countering terrorist travel
Over 21,000 people killed since UN global ceasefire-resolution
Urgent action needed to avert risk of famine in Burkina Faso, South Sudan and Yemen
Chinese fishing boats took half a billion dollars of illegal squid from North Korea. Scientists used satellites
Report exposes rampant illegal fishing in North Korean waters