Hydrogen Trial to nowhere Mr Andrews

18/7/2019 Press Release – A Trial to Nowhere Mr Andrews?

Eight Environment groups Protest Against the Sod-Turning Event for the Kawasaki/ Government Hydrogen Export Pilot in Hastings, being the Launch of Hydrogen Industry in Australia.

There is an ACTION: 10am- 12pm Friday 19th July 2019 Marine Parade Hastings Cnr Graydens Rd

A trial to burn brown coal from Victoria’s Latrobe Valley into liquid hydrogen, then export it to Japan from Hastings, is set to begin. People representing eight environmental groups; that have signed a letter asking for marine pest monitoring at Bluescope as part of The Hydrogen Export Trial and the cessation of the entire project, will conduct a peaceful protest. The open letter is to The Federal and State Governments, and to Kawasaki, as leader of the consortium of Japanese companies behind the project, (including J Power and Iwatani). The eight environmental groups include Westernport and Peninsula Protection Council, Save Westernport, Blue Wedges, Friends of The Earth, Victorian National Parks Association, Environment Victoria, Preserve Westernport and Southern Peninsula Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association.

“Tomorrow we stand together again to protect Westernport Bay. If the full-scale project is too damaging, expensive and inefficient to go ahead then, there is no need for this trial they are celebrating today. As they turn the sod, we say Sod-Off! “Karri Giles Secretary WPPC

“This Trial would put Westernport Bay at immediate risk from the introduction of marine pests. Empty ships arriving to take on cargo are weighted with ballast water that, along with the hulls, could be contaminated with invasive species. We know the release of Northern Pacific Seastar from Japanese woodchip ships led to infestations of the temperate woodchip ports of Port Phillip Bay and Tasmania’s Derwent estuary. This invasive species has caused irreversible effects to these waters and their fisheries. We do not want Northern Pacific sea-star in Westernport Bay. In its current healthy state the Bay is estimated to be worth billions of dollars every year, and is much too precious to risk. We demand the site is monitored for at least four years for marine pests.” Karri Giles

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