Inner West Council supports ceasefire in Gaza

Inner West Council

At this week’s meeting, Inner West Council resolved support for a ceasefire in Gaza as well as a range of measures to provide practical support to communities in the Inner West affected by the horrendous conflict there.

The Council resolution included condemnation of the killing of civilians on all sides as well as recognition that foreign policy is the responsibility of the Commonwealth Government.

Please find below a full copy of the Council resolution below.

“Citizens in the Inner West have been appalled by the loss of lives in Israel and Palestine including the horrendous attacks by Hamas on 7 October and the atrocious death toll amongst Palestinians caused by the Israeli Government’s military response,” said Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne.

“We welcome the announcement of the pending ceasefire.

“We recognise the terrible impact on communities within the Inner West of this humanitarian disaster and are seeking to provide practical support to affected citizens at the local level.

“This will include promotion of the Union Aid Abroad – Gaza emergency fundraising appeal in Council’s newsletter.

“The current conflict cannot be divorced from the dispossession and oppression of the Palestinian people which can only come to an end through a two-state solution and the creation of a Palestinian state.”

The resolution passed by Council:

  1. That Council notes that foreign affairs is the responsibility of the Commonwealth Government.
  2. That Council notes that the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Penny Wong, has condemned the October 7 attacks by Hamas, recognised the right of Israel to defend itself, expressed deep concern for the loss of Israeli and Palestinian life, stated that Israel must comply with international humanitarian law, and called for steps towards a ceasefire.
  3. That Council recognises the impact of the conflict on local residents from affected communities, and implements practical measures to support them, including ensuring customer service staff have referrals to community and support services.
  4. That Council advertises the Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA’s Gaza Emergency Appeal which looks to provide immediate assistance to the people of Gaza during this dire humanitarian crisis in the next Council newsletter.
  5. That council notes the current conflict cannot be viewed in isolation to the occupation of Palestine and the forced displacement of millions of Palestinians homelands and as a result, illegal settlements in the West Bank, and continued dispossession experienced by Palestinians.

/Public Release. View in full here.