Inverloch firey’s commitment to helping others

Member News imagePhoto: Inverloch 1st Lt Matthew King.

Inverloch Fire Brigade’s 1st Lieutenant Matthew King has been making blood donations for around a decade now, and he’s kept this habit up for this year’s Lifeblood Emergency Services Blood Drive.

“I started donating when I began responding to road crash incidents and knowing that I could be helping those people who were involved even more,” he said.

“I also know people who had cancer and needed blood transfusions, so I understand how vital it is to give blood, if you can.

“Being a universal O-negative blood type, it just made sense.”

Matt said a common misconception he’s noticed when discussing donating blood with friends and family is that they think “it’s a bigger commitment than it actually is”.

“Generally, I’m in and out in about half an hour,” he said.

“It’s super quick and makes a massive difference to people who need it.”

As a CFA volunteer, Matt said it only makes sense to get involved in the blood drive and make regular donations.

“It really is just a continuation of what we do as CFA volunteers,” he said.

“As volunteers our goal is to help our communities and we can push that further by doing this.

“I’d encourage anyone to head down to their local donor centre and give it a go, if they can.”

The Red Cross Emergency Services Blood Drive runs from 1 June – 31 August. You can find out more at

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