National party members are betraying their constituents if they overturn uranium mining ban in NSW

The NSW state Liberal Party are rumoured to be making a deal with the National Party to pass legislation allowing radioactive, carcinogenic uranium mines in NSW.

Uranium mining is not in the public interest. It is an exploitation of our natural resources that creates major health and safety risks for local communities and workers which far outweigh any perceived economic benefits.

“Uranium mining quite literally can have catastrophic consequences, and to open NSW up to mining it is sheer madness,” said ETU National Secretary, Allen Hicks.

“Are National Party members seriously going to allow radioactive, carcinogenic uranium mines in their very own backyard?” he said.

“Mining is the first step down a dangerous path towards nuclear weaponry. If these politicians had any sense, they would take a step in the opposite direction.”

The world is moving away from fossil fuels, and Australia is one of the countries best placed to benefit from the clean energy revolution – but this advantage is disappearing as our Federal and State governments lag behind on investing in the transition towards renewable energy, and try to profiteer off the incredibly dangerous and unviable nuclear industry.

“Which electorates does the National Party propose should host a nuclear mine? The Tweed, Port Macquarie or South Coast electorates? These are questions that must be answered,” said Mr Hicks.

“We urge the National Party to stand up for its constituents and uphold the ban on uranium mining.”

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