Net-zero Bill To Focus On Transition Of Energy Workers


The Net Zero Economy Authority Bill is being debated in parliament again today. An RMIT expert can comment on the pathway to net-zero.

Dr Manoj Datta, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

“There should be a clear national plan to phase out coal and gas-based power generation.

“The Net Zero Economy Authority Bill does not discuss or show a clear pathway to net-zero; rather, it is about forming or creating an authority that will mainly facilitate the transition of energy workers currently working in coal or gas power stations.

“This authority will have no legislative powers to shut down or request the closure of coal or gas-based power stations.

“The Bill also does not talk about accelerated renewable energy production or plant installation.

“It is possible that the Bill is intentionally narrow as a federal election will be held next year.

“The Hon. Dr Helen Haines MP has proposed some excellent amendments to facilitate renewable energy-based energy hubs and regional and community-based investment in new zero technologies. These are only amendments focusing on the net zero transformation relating to investments and economies.

“The Bill’s timing could have been better, with a clear plan to achieve net zero by decarbonising electricity production, transportation, and buildings with the investment in and encouragement of specific technologies and systems – as in the EU.”

Dr Manoj Datta’s research primarily focuses on the modelling and control of renewable energy systems. He has extensive research and industry experiences in the grid integration of energy storage and electric vehicles (EV).


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