New Griffith Uni payment systems leads to some casuals not getting paid

National Tertiary Education Union

Griffith University has implemented a new payroll system that has prevented some casual staff from being paid.

The new system requires staff to agree to their timetables, submit fortnightly timesheets and introduces new layers of approvals.

Many casual staff who should have been paid today did not get paid because they have still not been provided with their timetables, meaning they cannot submit a timesheet.

In response to the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) raising this issue, Griffith management has undertaken to run out-of-cycle payments for staff who should have been paid.

Griffith has also committed to reimburse staff for any costs they incurred arising from the non-payment.

Previously, Griffith management engaged in $3.1 million in wage theft.

Quotes attributable to NTEU Queensland Secretary Michael McNally:

“Who implements a new system for payment without ensuring that all the lowest paid workers will get paid?

“Instead of ensuring that casual staff get paid the correct rate, the changeover of systems led to some not getting paid at all.

“We have spoken to senior management this afternoon and they are finally going to send a message out to all casual academics who might have been affected.

“We had some really distressing stories from members at a meeting of casuals yesterday.

“It is really brave for casual employees to go on the record in a media release like this, but if they suddenly stop getting shifts, we will come down on Griffith management like a ton of bricks.

“Management have agreed to our request that any casual staff member who has not been paid today because they could not apply for payment will be reimbursed for any financial hardship caused or exacerbated by their non-payment.”

Quotes attributable to Libby Meyer, Casual Staff Member, Griffith University:

“I feel disrespected by the lack of apology for this unacceptable delay to payment. I have had to ask when I will be paid and made to feel wrong for asking.

“Waiting for money in the bank has caused stress and financial pressure that should never have occurred while supposedly employed by the university.”

Quotes attributable to Scott Patterson, Casual Staff Member, Griffith University:

“The new payroll system being implemented has caused more financial stress to me personally than what I experienced even during the covid lockdowns.

“These issues have forced people who have had regular deductions from bank accounts for rent, mortgages, day care, child support, school fees etc. into overdraft.

“Previously I had been paid for at least half of the first week and that would have carried me until the next full pay cycle. This time, coming after a fairly thin trimester 3, I am now relying on charity for cheap groceries, friends to pay for petrol so I can actually get to work and family have paid my rent. I am one of the lucky ones.

“Others have lost so much simply because of an IT system that has never been tested, with no training provided to users. This has forced hardships that could have been avoided through simple communication coupled with respect and empathy for the front-line staff of this organisation.

“Despite these extreme pressures, tutors continue to deliver a service that is of a world class standard.”

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