New ‘one-stop-shop’ for North West Region

The new North West Region and District 2 Headquarters brings together teams from five different work locations to enhance service delivery to regional staff, volunteers and the wider community.

New 'one-stop-shop' for North West Region

Members of directorates and teams including the District 2 Team, Community Safety, Fire Equipment Maintenance, Volunteer Sustainability, Training and the Office of the ACO have all relocated, along with other embedded and HQ-based staff who now have a new place to work.

Since opening the doors on 22 July, employees have quickly settled into the new facility on Lockwood Road, Kangaroo Flat. The move has been a staged process, with one location still to move into the building by the end of August. The District Control Centre, the Regional Control Centre and a bulk store are also housed within the building, catering to and supporting all-hazard emergency management at both district and regional level. The facility is backed up by a generator enabling 24-hour operation.

With capacity to accommodate around 70 employees, North West Region Business Manager Marita Miller said the new facility was a long awaited and welcomed addition to the District and Region.

“We are really proud of our new office and we fully expect that it will encourage an atmosphere that facilitates good relationships and collaboration between people in different roles and teams,” Marita said.

“All members will really benefit from sharing ideas and helping each other.”

The project is part of CFA’s Growth Programs, which implements the Victorian Government’s commitment to enhancing service delivery via investment in infrastructure such as this facility in Kangaroo Flat.

The developer Castlerock completed the construction of the building in March with Intrec finalising the fit out in mid-July.


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