New Voice For Allied Health In Government

Department of Health

Anita Hobson-Powell has been appointed the new Chief Allied Health Officer for the Department of Health and Aged Care.

The Chief Allied Health Officer will provide pivotal leadership across health system policies, programs and reform efforts that have national interest for all allied health professions.

Ms Hobson-Powell has been a leader in exercise physiology and sports science for many years. A long-standing CEO of Exercise and Sports Science Australia, with previous roles including serving on the boards of Gymnastics Queensland (chair), Gymnastics Australia, the National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions (chair), and Allied Health Professions Australia (deputy chair).

Bringing a wealth of experience to the role, Ms Hobson-Powell also has a deep understanding of how preventive health can improve people’s lives and reduce demand on the health system.

Ms Hobson-Powell will provide strategic oversight of the Government’s allied health agenda – including Strengthening Medicare and Australia’s Primary Health Care 10-year Plan – and provide a voice for the 300,000-strong allied health workforce.

The Government thanks the department’s first Chief Allied Health Officer, Dr Anne‑Marie Boxall, who ably supported the allied health sector throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and began development of a National Allied Health Workforce Strategy.

Quotes attributable to Minister Butler:

“I welcome Anita as the new Chief Allied Health Officer. Allied health professionals make up the second largest clinical workforce across the health system.

“Harnessing those dedicated health professionals that make up that critical workforce to improve health outcomes and reduce health-system costs is a very important part of our efforts to strengthen Medicare.

“The Government looks forward to working with Anita to improve the system, for allied health professionals and for patients.”

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