Non-GMO Reb D Stevia Leaf Sweetener approved in Australia, New Zealand

Nature-based sweetener company SweeGen announced Food Standards Australia, New Zealand (FSANZ) has assessed and approved BESTEVIA(R) Reb D Stevia Leaf Sweetener for use as a food additive in Amendment No. 187 issued on September 5, 2019.

After performing a detailed safety evaluation, FSANZ amended the current specification for Rebaudioside D under the Australia and New Zealand food standard code to include SweeGen’s BESTEVIA Reb D, produced through a unique, stevia leaf – based bioconversion process. In the beginning of 2019, FSANZ approved the company’s non-GMO sweetener BESTEVIA Reb M.

BESTEVIA Reb D is a non-caloric, high-purity stevia sweetener with a clean, sugar-like taste that can replace high amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners in beverages, dairy products, bakeries and nutritional foods, amongst many other applications.

The world-wide trend towards clean and simple nutritional labels supports the use of nature-based, non-GMO, sustainable ingredients, like SweeGen’s BESTEVIA Reb D. Food and Beverage manufacturers are already reformulating and launching products to reduce high sugar contents with the company’s Reb M sweetener. Now they can use a variety to find the right stevia leaf sweetener for every application.

SweeGen just launched BESTEVIA(R) TASTE SOLUTIONS, an enhanced sweetener portfolio. The company’s product development team uses proprietary modulators and mouthfeel components together with its stevia sweeteners to enable a full sweet taste experience.

About SweeGen

SweeGen, Inc., is dedicated to the development, production and distribution of non-caloric sweeteners for the food, flavor and beverage industries. SweeGen’s robust product pipeline, intellectual property portfolio, and dedicated manufacturing capacity and R&D provide the foundation for innovation and delivery of high-quality sweeteners.

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