Nothing new from out of touch, out of ideas Labour

The New Zealand National Party

Labour’s campaign is based entirely on spreading misinformation about National or re-announcing policies it has failed to deliver for the past six years, says National’s Campaign Chair Chris Bishop.

“Chris Hipkins hoped no-one would notice that Labour was spreading lies about National, and now he’s obviously hoping no-one will notice that the policy he announced yesterday is something that Labour promised six years ago and failed to deliver.

“Labour announced six years ago that they would extend free breast cancer screening and made a big song and dance about it. It was included in the 2017 coalition agreement and Jacinda Ardern even talked it up in a 2016 interview with the Australian Women’s Weekly.

“But for six years in government, Labour failed to deliver on the promise.

“Instead, Labour spent six years wasting billions of dollars on more bureaucracy, failed mergers and dumb projects like Three Waters and light rail which has gone nowhere.

“National announced that we would extend free breast cancer screening months ago, but the difference between National and Labour is that National will actually deliver on it.

“Labour has no record to run on and no ideas to take the country forward. They are out of touch and out of ideas. Labour’s failure to deliver on so many of their promises has become a hallmark of their two terms in government.

“Chris Hipkins thought that Labour could get away with spreading misinformation about National, and he obviously thinks he can get away with reheating policies that his government should have already delivered.

“New Zealanders are smarter than Labour thinks. Kiwis can see through the spin and the negativity and they’re over it – they just want a government that will deliver on its promises and help people get ahead.

“National is focused on New Zealanders and we will deliver policies that improve their lives, like extending free breast cancer screening. Only a party vote for National will get New Zealand back on track.”

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