Latest New Zealand National Party News

National MP’s bill would protect victims of crime
National, ACT and New Zealand First to deliver for all New Zealanders
Labour’s legacy – food prices up nearly 30 per cent
Mass exodus of Kiwis continues under Labour
National sets bold target for export growth
Labour’s real fiscal plan revealed: endless debt spiral
Further threats made to National by gang members
National rules out petrol tax hikes in first term
Kiwis rushing to check out National’s tax calculator
Offshore wind to power up economy
National to support growth of aerospace sector
More than 250,000 Kiwis have used National’s tax calculator
OCR at 15-year high spells more mortgage misery
Nearly all retail businesses exposed to crime
Labour has no record to run on in child poverty
Severe gaps in monitoring violent offenders on bail
Labour’s legacy of mortgage misery
Maternity, diabetes and mental health boost in National’s plan
National announces 100 Day Action Plan
National will scrap Ute Tax in first 100 days
Disciplined spending, lower taxes, less debt under National
National to introduce new gang laws in first 100 days
National to deliver more Police to target inner-city crime
National says those who can work, should work
Amnesty for overstayers sends wrong message
David Parker undermines Chris Hipkins ….again
Chris Hipkins driving with handbrake
$51 billion of Labour’s policies remain unfunded
National will end Labour’s blanket speed limit reductions
National’s 100-point plan to rebuild economy
Labour’s flagship GST policy unravels
Labour insults Kiwis by claiming economic “victory”
National will revive international education
Ginny Andersen snubs victims of dairy robberies
Extent of Mongrel Mob campaign to support Labour revealed
Hipkins happy cosying up to gangs rather than cracking down on them
Labour’s prison U-turn comes six years too late
Labour’s addiction to spending continues
National will cut red tape to grow economy
Nothing new from out of touch, out of ideas Labour
National To Attract Top Talent And Support Startups
Growing Tech Sector Part Of Economy Rebuild Plan
National To Cut Red Tape To Boost Primary Sector
Primary Sector Growth Vital For Economic Recovery
Labour’s economic mismanagement laid bare
National to end Rotorua emergency housing motels
National to deliver better social housing
Labour has no credibility on law and order