Release all medical and scientific analysis, modelling and advice to national cabinet

Senator Rex Patrick

Independent Senator Rex Patrick today called for the immediate release of ALL medical and scientific analyses, modelling and advice that will be considered at today’s meeting of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s National Cabinet.

“Regrettably though unsurprisingly Prime Minister Morrison is looking at the unfolding Omicron outbreak more with a view to the coming Federal election than anything else”, Senator Patrick said.

“As usual there have been some carefully orchestrated ‘leaks’ as Mr Morrison plays politics in anticipation of today’s meeting. But the Australian public have a right to see all the medical and scientific advice that Australian Governments have before them when they decide on what measures will or will not be implemented to deal with this new public health challenge.”

“All measures – from border entry conditions and possible lockdowns to COVID testing programs and vaccination booster plans – should be considered in a completely transparent manner, not on the basis of bogus Cabinet secrecy and politically determined disclosures.”

“Information to be used in today’s meeting has been paid for by the public, is for public purpose and the public have a right to see it. It’s not information on submarine deployments or the testing taking place in the Woomera Prohibited Area. It’s information about our health.”

“Prime Minister Morrison’s obsession with secrecy, including his insistence that National Cabinet is part of the Federal Cabinet – in defiance of a definitive legal ruling from a Federal Court judge – only undermines public confidence and fuels conspiracy theories.”

“If the Prime Minister won’t agree to release all the medical and scientific advice before National Cabinet today, then one or more of the Premiers or Chief Ministers should do so unilaterally. After-all, it is the States and Territories that are in the front line in terms of the medical response, vaccine distribution and the potential imposition of new social restrictions and mask mandates.”

“The Premiers and Chief Ministers would do well to finally buck the Prime Minister’s secrecy and information control, and instead be completely open with the Australian people. That will help rebuild public confidence as we deal with what will almost certainly be a third year of the global pandemic.”

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