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Australia’s embassy to ukraine should open without further delay
An independent voice in senate is vital for south australia
Keeping bastards honest: 246 foi cases in rex’s war on government secrecy
Timor bugging prosecution abandonment of judicial oversight of intelligence services most ill-considered and dangerous
Beyond national cabinet: push for senate inquiry into australia’s federal system
Shine spotlight on parliamentary slackers and shirkers
Little pork for south australia: political corruption harms our state
Rex patrick to improve transparency and reduce political incentives for rorting grants programs
Fight to have john howard’s timor gap dirty little secrets released plays out this week
Aukus submarine 2040 submarine timeline puts australian submariners’ lives at undue risk
Morrison and albanese evasive on establishment of Covid royal commission
Cost of living increases top priority for voters, but coalition and labor are committed to higher fuel prices
First degree free: campaign for first university or vocational qualification to be free
Give regions fair go with proper mobile coverage
Australia’s embassy to ukraine should reopen without further delay
Pledge to force switch to us regulations in response to general aviation ‘mayday’ call
Morrison government’s last secrecy hurrah attorney-general orders tribunal hearing on east timor documents to be held
Priority for independent senators: faster action required to get tga approved drugs on pbs
Future submarine program must switch from nuclear to conventional aip
Crackdown on slave labour must be priority in new parliament
Extinction statement: time for prime ministers to take personal responsibility for ultimate policy failure
Murray darling terrorists: littleproud and pitt disingenuous and dishonest, speirs political dolt
Ensuring australia has industrial resilience needs to be enshrined in law
Big parties – big data: political parties should be stripped of their privacy protection exemption
Alexander downer’s foreign agent paperwork not up to scratch
Senator patrick to keep up fight for federal icac
Rex patrick to fight for urgent action on jobseeker
Solomon islands intelligence failure underlines need for parliamentary scrutiny
Action to free assange is vital
Fixing our broken politics: rex champions parliamentary reform
Senate vote will be critical for sa
Time to end foreign influence exemptions for mps
Royal commission into murray-darling management is essential
Transparency win in fight to save bight
Senate committee backs senator patrick’s call for royal commission into government’s response to Covid
Senator patrick refers government’s political appointments to auditor-general
Morrison and albanese must declare their stance on Covid royal commission
Major parties disgracefully abandon aged care residents
Senate votes for registered nurses in aged care facilities 24/7
Morrison delivers south australians payback budget
Rex patrick reaffirms his commitment to run for senate
Fuel excise cut big win triggered by independent advocacy
Senate to look at integrity of landfill gas carbon credit methodologies
Sa should join tasmania in providing temporary free public transport to ease petrol price squeeze
Federal budget must deliver substantial petrol price relief
Weak as piss: senate weakened by privileges committee refusal to deal with contempt
New zealand prime minister acts on extreme petrol prices, scott morrison dithers
Fuel excise may need to be suspended in its entirety