An independent voice in senate is vital for south australia

Senator Rex Patrick

Senator Rex Patrick today urged South Australian voters to cast their Senate vote for a strong, independent voice for their state.

“South Australian voters will have an especially important decision to make when they mark their Senate ballot papers on 21 May,” Senator Patrick said.

“I respectfully ask for you to vote for a South Australian voice, for integrity and independence, by putting “1” in the Rex Patrick Team box above the line on the large, white Senate ballot paper.”

“As things stand at the end of this election campaign, Labor will likely win two Senate seats in South Australia, the Liberals will win two and the Greens one. The 6th Senate seat for SA will go down to the wire and be decided on preferences.”

“That outcome will determine whether SA has a strong, focused and forensic, independent voice in the Senate, or whether we see the election of a representative beholden to interstate interests. In essence it’s likely to boil down to a contest between me, an authentic South Australian representative or else someone beholden to Clive Palmer or Pauline Hanson.”

“As an independent Senator for South Australia, I have a single focus – the interests of our State. That independent approach has involved assessing issues on their merits and negotiating better outcomes for SA. That’s what SA needs.”

“It’s vital that we have strong, independent representation to protect SA’s interests, especially our water entitlement from the Murray-Darling Basin and key industries, to push for climate change action and renewable energy, and champion vital integrity reforms, including the establishment of a Federal ICAC as well as real transparency for political donations and caps on political advertising and campaign expenditure.”

“Pressing hard for integrity, accountability and transparency, and ending political rorting, are essential for defending SA’s interests. Without strong, independent Senate representation, our state is all too easily short-changed by the dominance of east coast interests in our national parliament.”

“It’s vital that South Australia not risk putting a Senate seat in the hands of either of the two Queensland-led far-right parties – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation or Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.”

“With big political advertising budgets, both PHON and UAP think they are in with a chance in South Australia, but it’s hard to see how our state’s interests would be advanced by anyone beholden either to Mrs Hanson’s erratic dictates or Mr Palmer’s cheque book.”

“Unfortunately, Nick Xenophon’s last-minute vanity candidacy may help open the door for PHON or UAP.”

“If PHON or UAP hold the Senate balance of power, there’s little chance we’ll see a Federal Integrity Commission with teeth established. The prospects for wider parliamentary reform and other integrity measures will also be stymied by the de facto alliance between the Coalition and far-right parties.”

“South Australia’s water rights in the Murray-Darling Basin would undoubtedly be sold down the river.”

“So South Australians should know that the choice before them tomorrow is a very serious one.”

“All too often our political process is focussed on theatrics and public relations. I’m cut from a different cloth. My political campaign hasn’t involved any stunts or videos featuring animals, swimming pools, prosthetic muscles or sitting on the toilet.”

“Instead, coming from a practical engineering background, I deal in facts and real outcomes for people and that focus has been at the heart of my work as a Senator.”

“In my time as a Senator I have secured funding for key South Australian projects including the Cape Hardy development in the Eyre Peninsula and the Adelaide University’s Australian Institute of Machine Learning, as well as helped many South Australians fight dodgy Robodebt claims and exposed the Prime Minister’s ‘National Cabinet’ as a fraudulent Cabinet with no legal standing.”

“Having kicked in the door on the issue of fuel price relief, I’ll be focussing hard on further measures to relieve the cost of living squeeze that is making life hard for so many people.”

“If re-elected to the Senate, I’ll be pressing ahead to campaign for a wide range of integrity reforms and key measures to improve the economic and social prospects of South Australians including boosting SA industries, especially manufacturing, securing a real increase in the JobSeeker allowance, and campaigning for first university degrees and first trade qualifications to be free.”

“Having observed the election campaign coverage, I’m also more convinced than ever that we need a Royal Commission inquiry into media diversity and ownership in Australia. Much needs to be done to improve the health of our democracy.”

“More than any independent candidate at this election, I’ve set out my policy priorities for the next Parliament. What you see is what you will get.”

“SA needs Senate representatives who are independent with ambition and energy; not tired party drones, nor those who see politics as a career in itself. We need substance and ethics much more than public relations spin and theatrical performance.”

“The 6th SA Senate seat hangs in the balance and will be decided on preferences. South Australians have an important choice before them.”

“I’m urging voters to make a strategic choice in the interests of SA by putting a “1” in the Rex Patrick Team box above the line on the large, white Senate ballot paper. “

“Vote for a Senator determined to do the hard yards to help fix our broken political system and fight for our great state.”

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