Rosedale Gardens re-zoning now on-exhibition for community comment

A proposal for a new housing subdivision at the northern end of Leeds Parade is being considered by Orange City Council.

The proposal would involve a re-zoning of agricultural and industrial land into a residential zoning, and the amendment to Orange Local Environmental Plan (to be known as LEP Amendment 13) has now been placed on exhibition for community comment.

From now until 1 November the community are invited to review and comment upon a planning proposal, known as LEP Amendment 13.

The land is at the northern end of Leeds Parade, alongside the council border with Cabonne Shire Council, and comprises the former abattoir site and adjoining rural lands.

The proposal seeks to rezone this land and adjust the minimum lot size for subdivision to enable the area to be considered for a large lot residential subdivision.

Ultimately the proposal may enable up to 450 residential lots of 1 – 2 acres in size with some corridors of public open space particularly along drainage corridors and creeklines.

An existing transmission line easement will be separately zoned to ensure protection of important infrastructure.

HOUSING : A proposal for a new housing estate in North Orange is the subject of are-zoning proposal

The proposal seeks to rezone the land from a combination of

  • IN1 General Industrial and
  • RU1 Primary Production

to a mix of

  • R5 Large Lot Residential,
  • E4 Environmental Living,
  • RE1 Public Recreation and
  • SP2 Electrical Transmission Line.

The proposal also seeks to amend the minimum lot size for subdivision from 100ha to a combination of 4,000m2 and 8,000m2 and will be subject to an Urban Release Area designation to ensure that appropriate Development Control Plan provisions are adopted prior to any development application.

An associated Addendum to the existing Blayney Cabonne Orange Sub-Regional Rural and Industrial Lands Strategy seeks to address the implications for industrial land supply across the three council sub-region.

Making a submission

The Planning Proposal for Amendment 13 and associated documents may be inspected at the ground floor Customer Service Counter of the Civic Centre, 135 Byng Street, Orange during weekdays (9am to 5pm) and from the online links below. The Planning Proposal will be exhibited for twenty-eight (28) days from Friday, 4 October to Friday, 1 November 2019. Any person may, during the exhibition period, make written submission on the Planning Proposal to Council.

Submissions close at 5pm on Friday, 1 November 2019. If you wish to make a submission, please quote “F140 – Orange Local Environmental Plan 2011 – Amendment 13 – Rosedale Gardens” in your correspondence. If your submission includes objections to the proposal, the grounds of objection must be specified. Submitters are required to comply with section 10.4 (Disclosure of Political Donations and Gifts) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Information on making a submission can be found online here.

All submissions will be evaluated and reported to Council following the exhibition period. When available, both the report and submissions may be viewed by any other persons with an interest in the Planning Proposal.

Here are links to the documents associated with the proposal:

Planning Proposal


LES Appendix A – Contamination

LES Appendix B – Ecology report

LES Appendix C – Heritage

LES Appendix D – Servicing

LES Appendix E – Traffic

LES Appendix F – Bushfire

LES Appendix G – Land Use Analysis

LES Appendix H – Land Use Risk Conflict Assessment

Planning Proposal (updated post gateway)

PP Attachment 1 – Local Environmental Study

Gateway Determination

Alteration of Gateway Determination Clergate 6 Feb 2017

DRW signed letter dated 3 July 2019

Extension June 2018

Gateway determination – proposed rezoning – Clergate Hills – Clergate Road

Proceed to Community Consultation – PP_2016_ORANG_002_01

Addendum to the Blayney Cabonne Orange Rural and Industrial Lands Strategy 2008

BCO Addendum

/Public Release. View in full here.