Suffering continues for business despite Gutwein Government’s celebration

Tasmanian Labor

While the Liberal Government is out celebrating the results of today’s CommSec Report, they fail to acknowledge how much businesses are hurting right across Tasmania.

Shadow Minister for Small Business Janie Finlay said it was obvious the government was not connecting with or talking to the business owners who are holding the state together.

“I have spoken to a number of business owners across the state – one has lost $60,000 and another has lost $150,000 in just a week,” Ms Finlay said.

“CommSec’s January State of the State report has assessed the results for the last quarter, before the borders opened and before businesses, workers and families were severely impacted.

“It fails to acknowledge the financial impacts the business community is feeling since December 15.

“While larger businesses can absorb these impacts to an extent, single-person businesses or those with a small number of workers are being severely affected and this adds additional pressure at home.

“The government announced a support program that fell well short of what businesses need and then simply walked away.

“Many businesses I’m talking to are concerned the problem of staff shortages is only going to get worse once school goes back and parents have the additional pressure of caring for children when they get sick.

“The government has had 18 months to prepare us for this moment and they have failed to plan.

“They told us they were ready and clearly they weren’t.

“The business community, workers and their families are now paying for this government’s mistakes. Gloating about a report based on data from before the border reopening only adds insult to injury.”

Janie Finlay MP

Shadow Minister for Small Business

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