Sydney Labor Needs U-turn On Ulmarra Ferry Axing

NSW Nationals

Clarence Nationals MP Richie Williamson said a petition signed by 6000 Clarence residents against the NSW Government’s decision to scrap the Ulmarra to Southgate ferry service should be enough for Labor to reverse the decision.

Mr Williamson said the ferry has served the community for 100 years.

“When the Government drove the last nail into the coffin by axing the Ulmarra Ferry, I can only imagine the letdown, the disappointment, the disengagement and the sheer disbelief, just to save a few dollars, whilst those in the metropolitan area continue to have their transport subsidised by the public purse,” Mr Williamson said.

He revealed that in addition to the 6000-strong signature petition, he had received countless written messages from locals – all against Labor’s cost cutting.

“Our business operates a logging and sawmilling business in the Ulmarra area, and this ferry service is absolutely essential for us to be able to continue with our business,” one local family firm wrote.

“In these times of escalating costs and high petrol prices, we deserve a trip that now takes us four kilometres. That is compared to the 62 kilometres the new trip would take,” local resident Bill wrote.

“Losing this vital piece of infrastructure will destroy our tiny community,” Shelley said.

Mr Williamson said he was surprised at government boasts that the Labor Party represents the bush and the country.

“Where I come from, that is not the community sentiment. They are disappointed in the decision that has taken place and hurt by the lack of community consultation. They are urging the Minister, as I am, to reconsider her decision,” Mr Williamson said.

“The community of Ulmarra and Southgate feel bitterly let down by the government,” he concluded.

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