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Common Type Of Fiber May Trigger Bowel Inflammation
Optiscan Imaging announces the appointment of US clinical and regulatory heads
Refining guidance on investments into agency operations
AGA Leads the Way in female representation in trades
GI multi-society statement regarding GLP-1 agonists and endoscopy
American Gastroenterological Association supports reintroduction of bipartisan Treat and Reduce Obesity Act
Colorectal cancer organizations unite in screening age recommendations
AGA stands firm in CRC screening age recommendations
AGA Journals’ Impact Factors released: TIGE receives first Impact Factor
One month after UnitedHealthcare’s “advance notification” program began, confusion still reigns for America’s GI doctors
American Gastroenterological Association and American College of Gastroenterology and invest in Oshi Health to accelerate adoption of hybrid digestive health care
Despite last minute change, UnitedHealthcare’s policy for virtually all colonoscopies and endoscopies lays groundwork for delays, disruptions, and denials of life-saving services
Trailblazer for women in gastroenterology, Dr. Barbara H. Jung takes over as AGA president
UHC offers to trade GI prior auth for a poorly defined alternative
ACG and AGA Guideline on Chronic Constipation Management is First to Recommend Supplements Magnesium Oxide and Senna as Evidence-Based Treatments
Time is running out: patients, physicians brace for anticipated delays, denials by UnitedHealthcare for endoscopies starting June 1
Time is running out: patients, physicians brace for anticipated delays, denials by UnitedHealthcare for endoscopies starting June 1
The AGA Research Foundation awards $2.66 million in research funding
American Gastroenterological Association invests in unsedated transnasal endoscopy medical device company, EvoEndo®
AGA expands workforce and research diversity work with NIH grant
Survey highlights growing need for psychosocial support in IBD care amid high rates of anxiety and depression
Lone star tick bites may be to blame for unexplained digestive problems
New AGA guideline recommends blood and stool tests for monitoring ulcerative colitis
American Gastroenterological Association announces 2023 Recognition Awards recipients
Curcumin, oxygen chambers and Apple watches: future of IBD care
Comment from AGA: FDA actions on fecal microbiota therapy
First medical guideline recommends new prescription medications for weight loss, ranks most effective drugs
Multi-GI Society Task Force Releases Path to Environmentally Sustainable GI Practice
Gippsland entrepreneur to empower young women
Gippsland’s Amanda Gould to empower young women
Historic data released on physician views on race, ethnicity and diversity in gastroenterology
New survey finds forty percent of Americans’ daily lives are disrupted by digestive troubles
AGA denounces court ruling that could reverse gains in CRC prevention
Delivering benefits of robust government architecture
AGA to join Fight CRC at White House to address colorectal cancer screening needs
AGA issues clinical guidelines outlining drug treatment plans for patients with irritable bowel syndrome
AGA releases evidence-based principles to guide creation of national colorectal cancer screening approach
‘The Rock’ assumes presidency of AGA
AGA Research Foundation awards $2.56 million in research funding
U.S. Multisociety Task Force on Colorectal Cancer releases new recommendations for harmartomatous polyposis syndrome
AGA recommends shared decision-making approach for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
AGA announces 2021-2023 FORWARD Program Scholars
IBD patients with incomplete Covid vaccinations are at greater risk of hospitalization
AGA and Varia Ventures launch fund to support GI innovation
No more surprise bills: Private insurance plans must cover full colorectal cancer screening continuum
U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on CRC Releases Updated Screening Recommendations
‘Wonder gas’ hailed as new treatment for diabetic foot ulcers could also kill Covid virus indoors
AGA recommends change in testing protocol for cirrhosis patients