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Including all types of emissions shortens timeline to reach Paris Agreement temperature targets
First Rays of Sunlight for Sunrise III
What Shapes Gut Microbiomes of Alaska’s Brown Bears? Location, Location, Location
Solar energy explains fast yearly retreat of Antarctica’s sea ice
Record-smashing heatwaves are hitting Antarctica and Arctic simultaneously
Millions of children exposed to illnesses like hypothermia as big freeze hits Ukraine, says Save Children
Tint of life: Color catalog built to find frozen worlds
Newest satellite data shows remarkable decline in Arctic sea ice over just three years
UOW researchers honoured for contributions to environmental sciences
Gender matters, according to an environmental DNA researcher
Plastic labelling needs ‘sustainability scale’
Cornell’s UN climate author warns of ‘rapidly closing window’
Wildfires projected to grow by 50 percent, but governments are ill-prepared
Antarctic Sea Ice Minimum set for record low
Hope floats: Greenpeace Esperanza retires after two decades, but light shines
Giant sponge gardens discovered on seamounts in Arctic deep sea
‘Strong in both worlds’: University of Toronto grad builds bridges between Indigenous and Western worldviews
Last weekend of Summer Sessions
Even more Summer Sessions in February
Bubbles of methane rising from seafloor in Puget Sound
2021’s incredible moments in pictures
Official: Arctic Temperature Record Broken
Artificial intelligence can create better lightning forecasts
‘Would you like little ice with your exoplanet?’ For Earth-like worlds, that may be tall order
Has zombie apocalypse of forest fires begun?
Grants to preserve Swan Bay environment
Indigenous Research Network deepens and extends Indigenous research at University of Toronto and beyond
After COP26, University of Toronto climate scientist says world is on thin ice
Humans hastened extinction of woolly mammoth
Climate plans, net zero and urgent need to accelerate action
Microplastics are in air we breathe and in Earth’s atmosphere, and they affect climate
Antarctic shipping update 19 October 2021
Taking lead on responsible dog ownership
Wings to Wellness
Indigenous Peoples’ food systems publication wins 2021 Best in World Sustainability Report Award
Delayed Arctic ice advance tracked back to atmospheric conditions near Alaska months prior
Newly Discovered Greenland Plume Drives Thermal Activities in Arctic
Nuyina ready for sea trials 29 October 2020
Thinner Arctic ice more sensitive to ocean heat fluxes and storms
ALP NEEDS climate vision
Microplastic pollution recorded for first time in Antarctic sea ice
UNE signs agreements expanding education in Arctic
Hotels Worldwide Check Into Cloud with Oracle
Little auks that lived in Pacific
Heart-cooling device cuts surgery times
NASA space robot tested in Antarctica
Fall storms, coastal erosion focus of northern Alaska research cruise
Geotechnical engineer features in new book on science