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As Antarctic sea ice continues its dramatic decline, we need more measurements and much better models to predict its future
Devastatingly low Antarctic sea ice may be the ‘new abnormal’, study warns
Study connects greenhouse gas emissions to polar bear population declines, enabling greater protections under Endangered Species Act
Like father, like sons
Ancient pathogens released from melting ice could wreak havoc on the world, new analysis reveals
Role of ice sheets for climate
Further sanctions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Arctic sea-ice algae attract plastics, new research shows
Global temperature rises in steps — here’s why we can expect a steep climb this year and next
Alone in a dark cave: what can we learn from extreme survival experiments?
Global average sea and air temperatures are spiking in 2023, before El Niño has fully arrived. We should be very concerned
Advanced manufacturing makes its mark
Antarctic tipping points: the irreversible changes to come if we fail to keep warming below 2℃
Ancient humans may have paused in Arabia for 30,000 years on their way out of Africa
Minister Keogh – Victory in Europe Day remembered 78 years on
Victory in Europe Day remembered 78 years on
Record low Antarctic sea ice is another alarming sign the ocean’s role as climate regulator is changing
Migrating birds could bring lethal avian flu to Australia’s vulnerable birds
Radar, AI identify Alaska Native Spanish flu victims burial site
Pilot project uses satellite to track carbon dioxide emissions from 100 countries
Life in smoke of underwater volcanoes
Research highlights environmental stressors of farmed chicken and salmon
Ice cores show even dormant volcanoes leak abundant sulfur into the atmosphere
How to Build First City on Mars
Brickwrecks: Sunken Ships in Lego Showcases Detailed Artistry
Strongest Arctic cyclone on record led to surprising loss of sea ice
Fireworks have long-lasting effects on wild birds
How genome research is helping recovery of Chatham Island black robin
What planting tomatoes shows us about climate change
Researchers compile world’s first “atlas” of airborne microbes that provides an important new perspective for public health research
Indigenous Leaders Workshop in Geneva from 21 to 24 November on Enhancing Participation in Human Rights Council
Drastic retreat of Norway’s largest glacier highlights scale of climate change
Ancient DNA reveals a hidden history of human adaptation
Radioactive traces in tree rings reveal Earth’s history of unexplained ‘radiation storms’
Territory tough: Darwin business first to manufacture cyclone certified roof panels
UW-developed wave sensors deployed to improve hurricane forecasts
Researchers identify mechanism responsible for temperature and salinity ‘staircases’ in Arctic Ocean
Gut Microbiomes Help Bears With Very Different Diets Reach Same Size
Wildfire Smoke May Have Amplified Arctic Phytoplankton Bloom
Scientists are divining future of Earth’s ice-covered oceans at their harsh fringes
Curious Kids: did humans hunt and eat woolly mammoths or dinosaurs?
Telstra and OneWeb move closer to delivering new satellite solutions
Enhancing interoperability in Alaska
Ice shelves hold back Antarctica’s glaciers from adding to sea levels – but they’re crumbling
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation welcomes new CEO
Existing fiber-optic cables can monitor whales
‘An iconic Canadian survivor’: Researchers want to know how this fish adapted to our deepest and coldest lakes
Photographer Edward Burtynsky’s new show puts focus on environmental challenges ‘at our doorstep’