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Climate Change Impacts Terrorist Activity
Microplastics found in artery plaque linked with higher risk of heart attack, stroke and death
Study spotlights Arctic’s hidden primary production powerhouses
Lows And Lows Of Antarctic Sea Ice 5 March 2024
Global warming may be behind an increase in the frequency and intensity of cold spells
Not such a bright idea: cooling the Earth by reflecting sunlight back to space is a dangerous distraction
UN experts call for accountability for Navalny’s death and immediate release of all political prisoners: Russia
‘A deeply troubling discovery’: Earth may have already passed the crucial 1.5°C warming limit
World famous research vessel docks in Hobart
Scientists Reveal Black Hole Shadow
How microplastic travels into Arctic
Earth’s invisible shield can help reveal our past and our future
Government of Canada Orders the MQ-9B SkyGuardian RPAS From GA-ASI
Past gives us glimpse of our future, hotter planet
COP28: Earth’s frozen zones are in trouble – we’re already seeing the consequences
Elite athlete training for extreme Arctic race in fridge
In September we went past 1.5 degrees. In November, we tipped over 2 degrees for the first time. What’s going on?
Why are dead and dying seabirds washing up on our beaches in their hundreds?
Why do climate models underestimate polar warming? ‘Invisible clouds’ could be the answer
Luminous ‘mother-of-pearl’ clouds explain why climate models miss so much Arctic and Antarctic warming
From Alaska to Invercargill – godwit migration well underway
Second UN Global Indigenous Youth Forum kicks off with a spotlight on the importance of blending tradition and innovation
Sea ice research from pole to pole 16 October 2023
Australian scientists monitor bird flu risk in Antarctica 13 October 2023
Too hard basket: why climate change is defeating our political system
Adventurer reveals plastic pollution results from remotest part of the planet
As Antarctic sea ice continues its dramatic decline, we need more measurements and much better models to predict its future
Devastatingly low Antarctic sea ice may be the ‘new abnormal’, study warns
Study connects greenhouse gas emissions to polar bear population declines, enabling greater protections under Endangered Species Act
Like father, like sons
Ancient pathogens released from melting ice could wreak havoc on the world, new analysis reveals
Role of ice sheets for climate