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Changes bring ATSB marine regulations up to date
Repaired engine component contributes to engine failure and forced landing incident
Mud hole, hot weather contributes to freight train wagon derailment
ATR flight crew inadvertently lines up and commences take-off roll on incorrect runway
Freight train’s dislodged steel jumbo coil highlights risks of track obstructions
Overcharged light right vehicle battery
Uncommanded Trent 1000 engine shutdown on descent into Perth due to a blocked inlet filter
Aviation Occurrence Statistics report update
Don’t cross it, stop it. Stop bars are now in use at five capital city airports around Australia
Government agencies jointly support Airport Safety Week
Training aircraft enters steep dive during pitch trim demonstration
Sudden control input to prevent overspeed results in injuries to cabin crew
In-flight break-up of high-altitude pseudo-satellite UAV
ATSB welcomes appointment of new Commissioner
Australian Government welcomes aboard new ATSB Rail Commissioner
Weather, aircraft performance and operating procedures among areas of focus for on-going C-130 large air tanker
Applications now open for Graduate Certificate in Transport Safety
Uncommanded engine shutdown highlights importance of clear and unambiguous maintenance procedures
Avoidance primary protection against thunderstorm-related turbulence
R22 helicopter tail rotor pedal cracks, jams due to undetected fatigue failure
Prop blade collar failure highlights importance of following maintenance manuals during field repairs
Overhead powerlines dewirement
Nozzle guide vane aerofoil failure due to protective coating deterioration leads to A330 airliner’s in-flight
Undetected fatigue cracking results in wheel rim fracture
Undetected fatigue cracking results in wheel rim facture
We’re hiring: Digital Content Creator to help influence transport safety
Engine surge and vibrations occurrence highlights potential for unintended consequences from proactive maintenance
Oil sump coking leads to Saab 340 engine failure
Hard landing through fog highlights importance of ensuring weather conditions are appropriate for balloon
ATSB supports Rail Safety Week 2020
Missing self-locking nut leads to loss of cyclic control and in-flight break-up
Driveshaft failure leads to a hard landing
ATSB releases Broome R44 helicopter accident update
Rail safety worker’s near-miss with two trains
Engine fan blade failure leads to enhanced inspection processes
Collision with terrain followed perceived partial power loss
Prevent and detect carbon monoxide in aircraft
Accidents highlights risks of aerobatic flight in a non-aerobatic aircraft and without adequate training
ATSB highlights potential injury risk from vehicle-assisted balloon deflation
Maitland light aircraft accident preliminary report released
Maximum take-off weight exceeded following cargo loading irregularity
Warbird accident highlights inherent risks of low-level aerobatics in high-performance aircraft
Undetected rail defect derails freight wagons
Fatal ship elevator accident highlights importance of applying safety management procedures
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Poor track condition, speed contributed to grain train derailment
R22 helicopter’s collision with terrain highlights risks of low-level flying
Landing accident highlights decision-making under high workload environments