Latest ATSB News

This Rail Safety Week, remember that moment of distraction can change your life forever
Operator improves drainage after freight train derailment
Preliminary report details Kosciuszko helicopter accident
Portland Bay arrives in Port Botany
Aerial application aircraft impacted trees shortly after take-off, preliminary report details
Notice advises operators to be aware of locomotive braking systems
RPA fly-away results in minor injuries after shattering hotel room window
Visibility study highlights how ADS-B IN can assist pilots to better identify potential traffic conflicts
Evacuation highlights importance of clear safety instructions and commands to passengers
Marine pilot transfer helicopter accident investigation details 21 findings
ATSB issues driveshaft failure Safety Advisory Notice to UH-1H helicopter operators
RPA taxiing loss of control incident highlights importance of fatigue management and controller design
Flight crew unaware of alpha mode activation during low airspeed event
EMS helicopter receives TCAS RA
ATSB releases preliminary report into fatal survey aircraft accident
ATSB releases Port of Brisbane product tanker breakaway and grounding preliminary report
Closed runway landing highlights importance of checking NOTAMS, aerodrome unserviceability markings
787’s covered cowl fan static ports highlights importance of clear and unambiguous procedures
ATSB releases preliminary report into Mt Disappointment helicopter accident
Runway overrun highlights importance of pre-flight planning, decision making during approach
ATSB releases Devonport ship collision preliminary report
Applications open for next award-winning transport safety investigation graduate certificate course intake
ATSB releases preliminary report from on-going firebombing helicopter accident investigation
MH370 data review statement from Australian Transport Safety Bureau & Geoscience Australia
ATSB releases King River helicopter accident preliminary report
Rescue helicopter pilot’s loss of hover reference leads to unintended drift and descent
R44 in-flight break-up highlights risk of extreme teetering and mast bumps
Distracted truck driver saw train too late before level crossing collision
Amateur-built aircraft’s stall-spin accident demonstrates complexities of managing partial loss of engine power
ATSB releases Mangalore mid-air collision investigation final report
Wirestrike highlights importance of conducting risk assessment before unplanned mustering tasks
Risk and change management limitations contributed to near collision between passenger trains south of Brisbane
ATSB investigation highlights potential to further reduce Ballina airspace safety risk
Landing gear not extended after take-off demonstrates how diverted attention or focus may result
Ore train runaway and derailment highlights importance of change management, risk assessment processes
Passenger jet take-off without airspeed information highlights how individually straightforward factors can combine to nullify
Improperly secured insulation blanket lodged in freighter aircraft’s pressurisation outflow valve
Flight below minimum altitude reminder of high workload during approach, landing
ATSB releases Redcliffe scenic flight accident preliminary report
Powerline survey aircraft stalled at height too low for recovery
Low-level aerobatics preceded high speed water impact off South Stradbroke Island
Expectation bias from pilot’s greater familiarity with IFR procedures likely led to runway incursion during rare VFR flight
Statement on Mr Richard Godfrey’s analysis of location for missing aircraft MH370
ATSB discontinues investigation into fatal Ball Bay light aircraft accident
RPM governor AWB
ATSB opens consultation for reporting legislation update
Taxiing excursion during backtrack turning manoeuvre
Maintenance improvements after axle fire halts NSW passenger service