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War Crimes Royal Commission Needed, Brereton Inquiry Deficient
New Research Centre Established to Honour Union Leader Laurie Carmichael
$50 Million Hand-Out to Northern Territory Frackers
Statement on Government’s Future Fuels Strategy Discussion Paper
Queenslanders Back Truth in Political Advertising Laws Following State Election
Leaked Government Paper: EV Tax Will ‘Discourage Uptake’, ‘Face Strong Opposition’
Australia up two places, but still near bottom of [global climate index]
Key to Reforming National Electricity Market: Build On Demand Response
Sport Medical Officers unite for athlete health and safety
Tasmanians sick of secrecy
Polling: Government popularity slumps amidst secrecy concerns
Strong Public Support for Big Tech to Pay for News
Federal Seat Polling: Overwhelming Support for Anti-Corruption Body With Teeth
Call for transparency more urgent and important than ever
Former Supreme Court Judge and Legal Advocate Call for Much-Needed ‘Good Government’ Reforms in Tasmania
Australia Institute’s proposed truck tax increase ‘outrageous’
Norway leading pack to electrify all car sales in five year
Statement on Victorian Government’s Making Victoria a Renewable Energy Powerhouse plan announced
Australian Workplaces Unprepared for Rising Heat Stress in Light of Climate Change
Next round of Mobile Black Spot Program now open
Renewed calls for Climate Levy on Fossil Fuel Exports as Black Summer Disaster Bill Soars
JobSeeker Cut Will Push 190,000 More People Under Poverty Line-including 50,000 Children
Gas for export 12 times larger than gas for manufacturing
EV Road User Charge: ‘A Great Big New Tax on Not Polluting’
Childcare Funding 20x More Effective at Creating Jobs than Tax Cuts
SA Budget: Rush to Surplus Risks State’s Economic Recovery
Roadmap secures NSW energy future
Biden Win Pours Cold Water on Australia’s Paris Emissions Target Tricks
SA Business and Community Leaders Back Call for Adelaide Formula E Grand Prix
Commonwealth Integrity Commission Draft Bill Falls Short
Us Election: Biden Twice as Popular as Trump Among Australians
Southern Grampians Shire joins regional Activators Alliance
South Australians Concerned about Climate Fires, want Renewables Led Recovery
Climate of Nation: Climate Change Concern Hits 82%
Facts Matter: Fake News Harms Our Democracy
Timeline: Federal Anti-Corruption Watchdog Overdue
Gender lens on Budget shows up government
Budget Polling: Majority of Australians Plan To Save, Not Spend, Tax Cuts
New Analysis: Least Transparent Budget on Record
Post Budget Briefing
Coalition’s Tax Cuts Favour Men Over Women
Tax Cuts: Temporary for Low and Middle Earners, Permanent for High Earners
Opportunity Cost: At Least 160,000 Jobs Lost by Backing Tax Cuts Over Investment
Investing in Services, not Tax Cuts, would Create 162,000 Jobs
480,000 Jobs Rely on QLD Public Service, Cuts Would Deepen State’s Recession
Queenslanders to lend Adani $271 million in royalty deal
Taxing Our Way to Prosperity: Nordic Countries, Reality Expose Anti-Tax Ideology
Eureka Prize a fertile environment for our researchers