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New report reveals extinction crisis in suburbs
Energy market operator confirms demise of coal and [no need for more gas]
[Gas industry influence] is bad for jobs, bad for climate
[Gas-fired backfire:] bad for jobs, bad for tax revenue, bad for climate
Federal [radioactive waste] agency flawed from day one
Stronger standards and [independent oversight needed] to halt extinction crisis
ACF appeals decision to keep [wetland-wrecking Toondah Harbour proposal] documents secret
[New solar farm] means 300 renewables jobs for Gladstone
Queensland Community Alliance members to pitch [‘Maroonprint’] to Deb Frecklington
Scathing Auditor-General’s report on environment law makes clear case for new, independent regulator
Retain integrity of renewable energy agencies: ACF
[Queensland leads nation] with electoral reforms to get big money out of politics
Federal investigation into alleged [unlicensed coal mining at Acland]
Gaslighting Australia: Gas is already a big climate polluter
Comprehensive and credible clean up of Ranger is critical for Kakadu – and Rio Tinto’s reputation
Building a stronger and cleaner post-pandemic Australia
A dirty tech roadmap is no vision for Australia
Licence to speed: King proposals reward big polluters
Funding for wildlife and habitats welcomed
Incitec Pivot releases super-potent climate pollutant from chemical plant in Queensland
Memo to Minister Pitt: runaway climate change is a disaster for jobs
Thirsty coal industry taking water needed by people and environment
Department confirms native grasslands were poisoned in breach of environment laws
Nine in 10 Australians are worried about post-bushfire extinctions: poll
Morrison Government safeguards again fail to curb emissions from big polluters
New coral bleaching event: Tourism industry needs Barrier Reef to be healthy when COVID crisis is over
Leaked video shows Adani still plans biggest coal mine in Australia
ACF challenges Morrison Government decision to not apply water trigger to Adani pipeline
Nuclear free has served NSW well and should remain
Latest quarterly data shows no progress on cutting Australia’s climate pollution
Centennial Coal emits three years’ worth of pollution from mine in two years, with no penalty
Bushfire Royal Commission should be a turning point on climate change and extinction crisis
A small win for greater gliders, but stronger environment laws needed to safeguard species
BHP allowed to adjust its pollution limits after emissions blowout at mines
Federal money to upgrade a coal-fired power station is an insult to bushfire hit communities
Fossil fuel industry donations to Australian political parties more than doubled in last four years
Criminal penalty underscores Adani’s appalling environmental and legal record
Donations data reveals scale of coal and gas industry efforts to influence Australian politics
Budget 2020: invest big to renew regions
PM’s bushfire response fails most critical test
Vicious cycle: angry summers hit Tour Down Under
Love 40 degrees? Action required if tennis wants to avoid being aced by climate change
Emergency bushfire recovery plan for wildlife
Corporate giant’s reputation in tatters as Siemens cements Adani link
For love of country: National fire crisis requires climate response ‘beyond politics’
Industry giant Siemens confirms it will decide on crucial Adani mine contract ‘within days’
Caught behind: Australian cricket not ready for challenges of climate change
GHD recognises working on Adani mine and other new coal projects trashes company brand