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When placed outdoors, female lab mice behave very differently
Do apes have humor?
What Might Reduce Crime Does Not Reduce Fear of Crime
Farmers, families at mercy of supermarkets
Farmers welcome Community Engagement Review
Neuromodulation: Ultrasound Leads to Braver Behavior in Situations of Mental Conflict
How to elicit authentic ‘yes’
Concealing sexual identity may have impeded mpox care for some men
Farmers and families at mercy of retail giants
Using Berry Phase Monopole Engineering for High-Temperature Spintronic Devices
New Soft Robots Roll Like Tires, Spin Like Tops and Orbit Like Moons
WA man sentenced for dealing with proceeds of crime
Scanner data can help NYS farmers boost market sales
Filming Microscopic Flow of Hydrogen Atoms in Metal
Parrots, songbirds have evolved distinct brain mechanisms
Friendly hyenas are more likely to form mobs
Method may improve cities’ responses to resident service calls
Spilt Milk festival success for local businesses
Consistency key to corporate expressions of racial solidarity
Researchers fix chirality of helical proteins
Managing holiday travel stress
Talk explores connections of antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism
Research backs visual therapy to reduce harmful sexual fantasies
Partnership raises awareness of childhood abuse and neglect in Vietnam
Stopping discrimination in its tracks
Dig This: ‘Neglected’ Dinosaur Had Super Senses
As Pew investigator, Goldberg to study how animals feed young
Robotic Prosthetic Ankles Improve ‘Natural’ Movement, Stability
Add new types of data for the 37th season of Project FeederWatch
Photonic Crystals Bend Light as Though It Were Under the Influence of Gravity
Labuan Road speed limit lowered to 80km/h to improve safety
Labuan Road spped limit lowered to 80km/h to improve safety
Chickens come home to roost for operator following primary duty breach
Unique voice print in parrots
Race enthusiasts urged to travel safe ahead of this year’s Bathurst race meet
Research: Electrons in strange metal world
Electrons in strange metal world
Research: What Happens When We Assign Human Qualities to Companies?
Intense Lasers Shine new Light on the Electron Dynamics of Liquids
Rockliff must stand Archer down 29 September 2023
Fish reveal cause of altered human facial development
A New Design Strategy for Mechanoresponsive Materials with High Thermal Tolerance
I, Judge and Jury
Speak of Demon
How Racism Shapes Black Motherhood in U.S
Topological Materials Open a New Pathway for Exploring Spin Hall Materials
Psychologist receives NSF grant to study social brain
NHVR urges drivers to take a break ahead of driver fatigue campaign