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Smart bug-checking for software
How your brain finds good objects
Taste buds may play role in fostering obesity in offspring
Research Sheds Light on Earliest Stages of Angelman Syndrome
Icarus starts first global research project
People Who Experienced Parental Divorce as Children Have Lower ‘Love Hormone’ Levels than Those Who Did Not
Voters with highest COVID-19 risk more likely to cast mail ballots, survey shows
Study: CEOs with uncommon names tend to implement unconventional strategies
Massive, indeed: Shark MOOC has attracted thousands
Data drives COVID-19 recovery for Asia Pacific businesses and global travel bounces back with a more local focus
Eye of a fly: Researchers reveal secrets of fly vision for rapid flight control
NSF grant funds purchase of atomic force microscope at Penn State Behrend
2020 Active Australia Innovation Challenge
Swine flu vaccination in pregnant women did not increase risk of autism in offspring
Boeing CEO Outlines Racial Equity Action Plan
‘Lone wolves’ seen as more creative, ILR research finds
Pain ‘catastrophizing’ may lead to little exercise, more time sedentary
Tailored Hardening of ZrCuAl Bulk Metallic Glass Induced by 2D Gradient Rejuvenation
Changing ties that naturally bind
Measles outbreaks in Niger linked to rainfall and temperature, study finds
‘Belonging at Cornell’ survey to inform diversity action plans
Bharti funded to study how people’s movement impacts COVID-19 transmission
Travelers Face Risk of Penalties for Refusing to Wear Face Coverings
Mastercard partners with to make banking more personalized, automated and delightful
February lockdown in China caused a drop in some types of air pollution, but not others
Words used to describe alcohol intoxication may give clues to drinking habits
Maybank, Grab and Mastercard jointly launch brand new Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum to reward Malaysians
Exclusive group mating found for first time in Brazilian frogs
Where lions operate, grazers congregate … provided food is great
Online tools to help prevent suicide
Council endorses Aviation and Ferguson level crossing precinct plans
Study: Machine learning can predict market behavior
In 3D simulation, shoppers prefer stores with more distancing
Cornell leaders give COVID-19 testing program update
Baltimore, Bullock’s orioles will retain separate identities
EA forum discusses reactivation plans, diversity efforts
Harry Greene and rewilding of Rancho Cascabel
Ferried Across: Figuring Out Unconventional Spin Transport in Quantum Spin Liquids
Controlling Streams of Liquid Metal at Room Temperature
New trees stolen and vandalised
Giving Movement to Micro: Novel Technique Moves Micro-particles using Electric Fields
Researchers to examine relation of dysfunctional brain hubs to mental disorders
Social Science Research Institute Director Susan McHale to step down
‘Selfish and Loveless’ Society in Uganda Really Is Not
Electrons obey social distancing in ‘strange’ metals
Our cultural backgrounds influence how we interpret emojis, University study finds
South Australian pharmacists and pharmacy staff now better protected
‘Ironing’ out differences: Understanding superconductivity in ultrathin FeSe