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Light pollution threatens coastal marine systems
When robots imitate life: Project explores better way to train AI
‘Opting in’ to see information can reduce hiring bias
‘Brainless’ Robot Can Navigate Complex Obstacles
Worm Aggregates Leverage Uneven Terrain to Collectively Move Through Narrow Spaces
How ‘dad jokes’ prepare your kids for a lifetime of embarrassment, according to psychology
Ascom launches its new Myco 4 smartphone for clinical institutions and enterprise
More than Meets the Eye: New Research Shows How the Visual System Contributes to Memory
Anti-obesity drug improves associative learning in people with obesity
Mangakino tangi uneventful during joint Police operation
Resume padding: Bad for individuals, good for society?
Selectivity Effect of Molecular Chirality May Have Universal Applications, Researchers Find
Novel thermal sensor could help drive down heat
To stand out on LinkedIn, focus on journey, not achievements
Bumblebee research sparks rapid industry change
Economic life of cells
Fear is in eye of beholder
Game-playing automaton acts like ‘irrational’ human
Police charge two over Canberra Airport carousel joyride
With head and leg to beautiful cut
Job crafting in vernacular
Online ‘sexual double standard’ disadvantages women
Spouses sharing friends may live longer after widowhood
Dope defense against disappointment
Combining Twistronics with Spintronics Could Be the Next Giant Leap in Quantum Electronics
Cornell urges safe practices in gorges
Cutting back on social media reduces anxiety, depression, loneliness
Zooming for the socially anxious: ILR researcher has insights
Competition clouds morality, multi-pronged study finds
Better vision through movement
Double Demerits for June Long Weekend
Unruly Passenger Incidents in Post-Pandemic Increase
Unveiling the Nanoscale Frontier: Innovating with Nanoporous Model Electrodes
Should your child detox from their phone this summer?
Baseball reveals that specialists excel after leaving comfort zones
Desert ants increase the visibility of their nest entrances in the absence of landmarks
Cornell fetches high praise at Westminster dog show
Look into heart of cellular waste disposal
Diversity of neurons affects memory, study finds
Effects on memory of neuron diversity in brain region revealed
Pollinators are attracted to humidity, not just scent
Namogoo and Persado Announce Partnership Leveraging Intent Prediction and Generative AI for Real-Time Shopping Personalization
Study Finds Carrying Pollen Heats Up Bumble Bees, Raising New Climate Change Questions
Reading Chemicals Inside the Brain with an Aptamer/Microelectronic Fiber Combination
Cornell, Google first to detect key to quantum computing future
Evolution of honey bee brains
Neutron star’s X-rays reveal ‘photon metamorphosis’
WHO and tobacco control partners urge countries not to partner or work with the tobacco industry