Latest cancer research News

Keynote announced for NSW Women in Life Sciences Luncheon
Leading Queensland cancer specialist recognised in Australia Day honours
Kim is taking on Cancer Cruise to raise funds for cancer research
First patient dosed in phase I/IIa trial of lung cancer immunotherapy vaccine
New findings may contribute to better diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer
Four-wheel drive fundraiser revs up support for prostate cancer
Nutritional new year’s resolutions
Development of New Gastric Cancer Model: Identification of Gastric Cancer Stem Cells
Cancer researchers across UK join forces to find drugs for rare cancers
Reducing copper alters breast cancer metabolism
Revolutionary 3D imaging maps how breast cancer spreads
COVID hits fundraising for cancer research hard
Cancer-causing ‘junk’ under microscope
Childhood brain cancer researcher Dr Raelene Endersby awarded Cancer Council WA Research Fellowship
Cancer Council WA supports development of less toxic treatments for childhood brain cancer
Common diabetes drug not effective against early-stage breast cancer, researchers say
Scientists studying new method to model bladder cancer treatments
Over $4 million in grants to boost cancer research at Centenary Institute
Caught on Camera: Live Imaging of Transcription Using Active RNA Polymerase II-Specific Probes
Australian Cancer Research Foundation awards $2.6M to establish International Centre for Cancer Glycomics
Bingara Bowls News 2 December
How you have helped us this year 1 December
Australia’s first pan-cancer navigation model backed by new research report
World-first lung cancer screening facility increases chance of cure
Preventing next pandemic: University of Toronto’s EPIC consortium
Some cancer patients missing out on recommended nutrition advice
Bowls News – Bingara
H.pylori vaccine research targets stomach cancer
Bold vision to double prostate cancer funding and wipe out deaths from disease by 2040
New findings on link between CRISPR gene-editing and mutated cancer cells
New childhood brain centre brings fresh hope to families
Leading fight against childhood brain cancer
Ludwig Lausanne team devises method to selectively grow tumor-targeting T cells for cancer therapy
CBA staff award $3m to community organisations across Australia
University of Toronto’s Frederick Banting helped pioneer aviation medicine during Second World War
Whole genomic sequencing improves rare disease diagnosis
New drug offers hope for pancreatic cancer patients
Tissue physics plays key role in tumor growth
Molecular mechanism of microenvironment creation by FRS2ß for breast cancer carcinogenesis
Ludwig Cancer Research study identifies cellular interactions essential to immune attack on ovarian tumors
Medical research at La Trobe funded
National blueprint for melanoma screening
2021 Research Excellence Awards celebrate three of WA’s brightest researchers
Study offers hope for deadly side effect of bone marrow transplants
Gene signature IDs drivers of treatment resistance in metastatic breast cancer
UWA scientists recognised in Cancer Council WA’s research excellence awards
Reef in two gears: new patterns of coral recovery discovered
Cancer researcher wins $1.25M CSL Centenary Fellowship