Latest Central Bank News

RBA raises key interest rate
Reserve Bank pleased with strong public interest in Future of Money
Griffith Asia Institute and Asian Development Bank examine how CBDC can impact financial inclusion
Surging food prices: FAO calls for import financing facility for poorer nations at G20 meeting
Russian banks targeted under latest round of sanctions
RBA announces key interest rate decision 5 April
Appointment: Michele Bullock As Deputy Governor
BIS Innovation Hub and Central Banks of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa Develop Experimental Multi-CBDC Platform
Doorstop – Stop it at Start phase four campaign launch
New sanctions on Russian banks and Oligarchs
Renewal of Bilateral Local Currency Swap Agreement With Bank of Japan
Australia joins UK and US in sanctioning key Russian oligarchs
Resignation: Deputy Governor: Reserve Bank of Australia
RBNZ appoints new Director of Economics and Chief Economist
Further sanctions on Russia
Appointment of Head of Banking
RBA announces key interest rate decision 1 March
Economic measures against Russia and lethal military equipment for Ukraine
Time is running out to save millions of lives in Afghanistan
Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Committee reappointments; new members
Reserve Bank committee reappointments; new members
Renewal of Bilateral Local Currency Swap Arrangement Between Reserve Bank of Australia and Bank Indonesia
Payments System Board Update: February 2022 Meeting: Reserve Bank of Australia
G20 Finance Ministers’ and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting in Indonesia
Australia needs new positive narrative
Innovation key to future of money and cash
RBA announces key interest rate decision 1 February
UNITAR and leading digitalization enabler Central Bank of Hungary to develop financial inclusion training programme
Reforming Australia’s payments system for digital age
Reserve Bank and Industry Partners complete Wholesale CBDC Research Project
RBA announces key interest rate decision 7 December
Reserve Bank outlines options for cash system reform
Appointment of Head of Payments Policy Department
Payments System Board Update: November 2021 Meeting: Reserve Bank of Australia
Review of Banknote Distribution Arrangements: Issues Paper
New Statistical Disclosures on Retail Payment Service Reliability
UN poverty expert says Government fails population: Lebanon
How investors can hedge against inflation in times of uncertainty
RBA announces key interest rate decision 2 November
G20 endorses global minimum tax rate
Climate Changed 2021 & Beyond
Review of Retail Payments Regulation: Conclusions
G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting
Australia welcomes historic global tax agreement
RBA announces key interest rate decision 5 October
Prasad examines implications of digital currencies in new book
Maintaining focus on economic wellbeing and prosperity
Reserve Bank consults on future of money