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Professor Brodaty Honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award
Research suggests higher intake of fruit reduces development of depression
Industry backing for Wipeout Dementia raises $2.5 million for research
Upholding healthcare standards during hospitalisation for people with dementia
Upholding Healthcare Standards following Hospitalisation for People with Dementia
Optimising Social Health To Defeat Dementia
High blood pressure’s impact on white matter could be key to dementia prevention
Pro Surfers Get On Board Wipeout Dementia
Funding Success to Investigate Brain Microbiome
What are the early signs of dementia, and how does it differ from normal ageing?
Funding success to develop epidemiology of dementia
Funding Success to further develop the global epidemiology of Dementia
Molecular Biomarkers to Diagnose Vascular Cognitive Impairment and Dementia
Super-ageing: defining exceptional cognitive ability in late-life
New Clinic Transforms Life of 21 Year Old
Dementia is Not Just About Memory Loss
Ita Buttrose AC OBE Appointed Chair of CHeBA Advisory Committee
Assessing Generational Change to Reduce Dementia Impact
Treating Blood Pressure in Late Life Helps Prevent Dementia
Genetic Risk for High Blood Pressure Associated with Poorer Cognitive Function
Funding Success to Decrease Stigma and Increase Help-Seeking
Researching Twins to Better Understand Memory Decline
CHeBA Partners with UQ and Aged Care Provider to Reduce Risk of Cognitive Decline
Social interaction reduces dementia risk and increases longevity: study
Property Industry Team Up to Wipeout Dementia
Apathy May Predict Progression to Dementia
Professor Perminder Sachdev Awarded 2022 Ryman Prize
Understanding Risk of Dementia and Alcohol Consumption
World-first Study of Centenarians Looks at Prevalence of Dementia
Professor Henry Brodaty Honoured by Academy of Social Sciences in Australia 14 November
Professor Henry Brodaty Honoured by Academy of Social Sciences in Australia
Funding Success to Support Mild Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis
Neuropsychology tool streamlines cognitive assessment, diagnosis and care
Living with Others and Community Engagement are Keys to Reduced Dementia Risk
Funding Success to Transform Care for Common Neurological Disorders in Australasia
World Alzheimer’s Day – Dementia Experts Call for Care to be Recognised as Human Right
Australian Dementia Network Registry releases First Annual Report 2020-2021
Depression Best Treated by Nonpharmacological Approaches in People Living With Dementia
$3.3 Million to Understand Generational Health Challenges that Influence Dementia Prevalence
Property Industry and Mark Occhilupo Make Splash for Dementia Research
Property Industry Joins Forces to Defeat Dementia
COSMIC Among First to be Named to Global Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative
Twins Study Indicates Environmental Factors Significant in Alzheimer’s Pathology
Impact of Cultural Bias in Diagnosing Cognitive Decline and Dementia
Long Term Cognitive Decline Following Stroke
Having at Least High School Degree and Complex Job Linked to Dementia Prevention
First National Memory Clinic Guidelines to Support Dementia Diagnosis
New Direction in Research Comparing Brain Health of Identical and Non-Identical Twins