Latest commercial fishing News

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Science Is Golden
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Port Remediation Works
Fisheries management success has garfish back on the Perth menu
Stronger And Safer Harbour For Apollo Bay
Iconic Blue Groper now protected in NSW
BRIInging innovation to renewables and low emissions
More demersal fishing opportunities for charter and recreational fishers
Playing our part right from start
Operation LEEDSTRUM: Offenders prosecuted and sentenced in Darwin
New study maps potential threats for iconic marine wildlife
Water rescue in Palliser Bay, Wairarapa
Major Marine Infrastructure nears Completion
Call for Territory anglers to donate Mangrove Jack frames to science
Fishing company to offer watchkeeping training following enforceable undertaking
When decisions are only as good as advice considered
$800k in grants on the line for Queensland fishers to hook into
New Zealand fishers agree to share Moana Project sensor data
Measures build sustainable future for fishing industry and protect Great Barrier Reef
New regional Aboriginal fishing businesses helping to Close the Gap
Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems: Andorra and Austria earn their first, while Asian countries get six new designations
Second annual coral reef fin fish closure imminent
Regional opportunities for membership on Aboriginal Fishing Advisory Council
International collaboration is key
Government’s ongoing fisheries failures to hurt consumers as fish and chips prices set to rise
Gillespie calls for Labor to abandon Offshore Wind Farm
Unlocking Frances Bay’s Potential
Changes finalised for Portland Bay netting
Anglers urged to know where sanctuary zones are
Government announces big boost to marine protection
Govt announces big boost to marine protection
You can have your say on Commonwealth fisheries policies
Risk assessment workshops for Queensland fishing operations
Commercial fishing activity in Buckingham Bay reeled in due to inaction from NT Government
Greenpeace tactics painting unbalanced view of fishing