Latest dark matter News

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Dark Matter Might Be ‘Light’
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Peter Higgs’ famous particle discovery is now at the heart of strategies to unlock the secrets of the universe
Peter Higgs was one of the greats of particle physics. He transformed what we know about the building blocks of the universe
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Why is the universe ripping itself apart? A new study of exploding stars shows dark energy may be more complicated than we thought
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Development work with clear perspective
Its more than name
We traced a powerful radio signal to the most distant source yet – a galaxy billions of lightyears away
Astronomers find abundance of Milky Way-like galaxies in early Universe, rewriting cosmic evolution theories
New clues to nature of elusive dark matter
New clues to nature of illusive dark matter
Astronomers reveal cosmic ribbon around rare galaxy
Dark matter halos measured around ancient quasars
Putting universe to test
Latest muon measurement doubles precision
Scientists in drag; satirical science music; sci-fi costume competitions; and dark matters
The art of dark matter; satirical science music; and making the atmosphere tangible
Bull shark bandits, butterfly-inspired tech, satirical science music, and bloody school science classes
Spider crabs, science denial, and a play by ChatGPT
Science plans for telescope’s first light focus of CCAT Consortium meeting
Space discovery innovator in line for nation’s top science prize
Dark matter in colliding galaxy clusters, travelling back to the cosmic dawn, enabling ‘impossible’ research, and more
Dark matter in colliding galaxy clusters, travelling back to the cosmic dawn, enabling ‘impossible’ research, and more
‘Gas-trophysics’ symposium expands on work of two Cornell astronomers
New look at ‘Einstein rings’ around distant galaxies just got us closer to solving the dark matter debate
Dark order in universe
Thinking big and dark by starting small and light
Research to be accelerated with synergistic partnership
Sustainability needs women and girls in science
Swinburne awarded best in class for equity and access
We studied distant suns in most precise astronomical test of electromagnetism yet
An Antarctic neutrino telescope has detected a signal from heart of a nearby active galaxy
New method shows role of elusive RNA in muscle regeneration
UK joins mission to search for origins of Universe
Virologists close gap on unknown viruses affecting amphibians and reptiles
South Korea world of potential for physics student Thomas Venville
Breakthrough in understanding mysterious gamma-ray signal
Gamma rays from a dwarf galaxy solve an astronomical puzzle