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​​Responsible use of AI by governments: Discussion with OECD, US State Department, and the DTA​
Release of “Fugaku-LLM” – a large language model trained on the supercomputer “Fugaku” Enhanced Japanese language ability, for use in research and business
Researchers create AI model to understand how brain activity relates to illness
Generative AI That Imitates Human Motion
3D video conferencing tool lets remote user control the view
AI-powered ‘deep medicine’ could transform healthcare in the NHS and reconnect staff with their patients
Federal Funding: AI Research for Secure Software Development
CDU EXPERT: Governments must crack down on AI interfering with elections
A century after the EEG was discovered, it remains a crucial tool for understanding the brain
Study Suggests Taking an Aggressive Stance in Crisis Communications Costs Companies Money
Deep learning enables faster, more accurate decisions on shoulder abnormalities treatment
Generative AI could leave users holding the bag for copyright violations
Research unlocks potential of robots to revolutionise construction waste recycling
Research unlocks potential to revolutionise construction waste recycling
Can AI improve football teams’ success from corner kicks? Liverpool and others are betting it can
High blood pressure’s impact on white matter could be key to dementia prevention
Sydney College Launches New IT Degrees To Match Industry Demand
Team Studies Medical Validity of Deep Learning Models in Diagnosing Drowning
How can artificial intelligence improve security entrances?
Data science shown to expedite return of ancestral Indigenous remains
‘Picture to burn’: The law probably won’t protect Taylor (or other women) from deepfakes
AI, Python, and R training starts Feb. 6
CDU EXPERT: Discussion paper misses mark on taking AI threats seriously, expert
Stressed, overstimulated? New sensory room provides refuge
Noam Chomsky turns 95: social justice advocate paved way for AI
Who is Sam Altman, OpenAI’s wunderkind ex-CEO – and why does it matter that he got sacked?
Waterwise Perth Action Plan wins big at WA Water Awards
CDU EXPERT: What jobs will AI replace? How AI will affect jobs differently in the East and West
Deep learning speeds up galactic calculations
AI Models Identify Biodiversity in Tropical Rainforests
New cyber algorithm shuts down malicious robotic attack
Paving the Way for Advanced AI Biosecurity Screening for Australia’s Agriculture Sector
AI analyzes bird sightings to help conserve species
AI drones to help farmers optimize vegetable yields
CDU EXPERT: Meta’s AI updates foreshadow a future where we abandon the physical world
On trail of immune cells
Two new National Industry PhD Program projects underway
Yellow Images Unveils Revolutionary Lumenor AI: Advanced AI-Powered Image Generation for Digital Art Creation
Ising on cake
How should a robot explore the Moon? A simple question shows the limits of current AI systems
UNSW Sydney awarded more than $3m for ARC Linkage Projects
UNSW researchers honoured in Women in AI Awards
New AI Boosts Teamwork Training
Primate genome sequencing reveals insight into evolution, biodiversity and applications for human health
Primate genome sequencing studies reveal insight into evolution, biodiversity and applications for human health
Three Tokyo Tech Faculty Members to Receive 2023 IEEE Fellow Titles
Tokyo Tech, Tohoku University, Fujitsu, and RIKEN start collaboration to develop distributed training of Large Language Models
Tokyo Tech and HPE collaborate to build the next generation TSUBAME4.0 supercomputer for artificial intelligence, scientific research, and innovation