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Preserving antimicrobials for the well-being of humans, animals, plants and ecosystems
November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
Leukaemia Foundation and HSANZ funding next generation of clinicians and researchers to save more Australian lives
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HKUST-led Research Unveils Early Predictors of Glioma Evolution by CELLO2
Residue from household disinfectants may be leading to drug resistance in deadly bacteria
New target to beat cancer drug resistance
Ultrathin nanotech promises to help tackle antibiotic resistance
Botswana National HIV Reference Laboratory designated WHO Collaborating Centre of Excellence
WHO issues rapid communication on use of targeted next-generation sequencing for diagnosis of drug-resistant tuberculosis
Tumor metabolism atlas can help discover cancer mechanisms
Nanorobots successfully deal with oral fungal infections “rapidly and precisely”
Healing wounds with differential equations
Ludwig Lausanne’s Douglas Hanahan elected Foreign Member of the Royal Society
Maths unlocks molecular interactions that open window to how life evolved
WHO urges increased implementation of recommended tools to combat malaria
WHO releases first-ever Standard on universal access to rapid TB diagnostics
Ludwig Cancer Research scientists to present at AACR Annual Meeting
Resistance-fighting antimalarial drug candidate enters the clinic
Significant step in fight against drug resistance in TB
WHO welcomes signing of sublicences with three manufacturers to produce long-acting injectable cabotegravir for HIV prevention
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