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New cross-border roadmap to regulate online harms
eSafety Statement on Federal Court decision
Statement On Federal Court Decision
JACET Charges – Victoria River Region 1 May
announcement of age assurance trial
Reviewing Australia’s Online Safety Laws
Federal Court Order
Statement On Federal Court Order
Statement On Removal Of Extreme Violent Content
update on removal of extreme violent content
Release: ATA Calls for Immediate Action Against Government Censorship
removal of extreme violent content
Tech companies grilled on how they are tackling terror and violent extremism
Search engines will need to take steps to tackle child sexual abuse material and AI misuse under new code
JACET Arrest At Casuarina
Standards Submission Publication: Statement
Ensuring our online safety laws keep Australians safe
Online Safety Laws have got your back
Safer Internet Day: Top tips to keep your kids safe online
Play to win: How to help your kids benefit from online gaming
this safer internet day, headspace stands against sextortion, online abuse
eSafety and the EU Child Rights Intergroup team up to protect children online ?
40% jump in child bullying reports to eSafety
Report reveals the extent of deep cuts to safety staff and gaps in Twitter/X’s measures to tackle online hate
JACET Charges – Victoria River Region
eSafety initiates civil penalty proceedings against X Corp
Statement on end-to-end encryption and draft industry standards
Statement on end-to-end encryption and draft industry
New research sheds light on Australian demand for child sexual abuse online
New tech industry codes come into force to protect children from online sexual abuse
Significant online safety milestone reached as Australia’s world-leading industry codes commence
JACET Charges – Palmerston 14 December
Over 1.3 million Aussies access online safety education
New grants to prevent online abuse toward women
Protecting children from online harm – Coalition policy on age verification trial
Digital platform regulators release working papers on algorithms and AI
IJM Australia welcomes federal government crackdown on child sexual abuse material online
Statement on video chat service Omegle shutting down
Meta’s racist depictions of gun-wielding Palestinian children needs urgent investigation from eSafety commissioner
Sport Integrity Australia backs eSafety resources to tackle online abuse in sport
New eSafety resources tackle online abuse in sport
JACET Charges in Katherine
Second set of tech giants falling short in tackling child sexual exploitation material, sexual extortion, livestreaming of abuse
JACET Charges – Malak
Free Safety by Design course gives future tech leaders competitive edge
JACET Charges – Northern Territory
Child safety experts condemn Albanese government on age verification
Online safety regulators stand shoulder to shoulder as global network expands