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Faster Approvals For More Jobs And Lower Power Prices
Australia dramatically underreporting gas and coal methane emissions
Unwanted anniversary: 365th consecutive day of record-breaking ocean temperatures transforms Reef into ‘shadow state’
Middle Arm a Dud: Federal Government must pull funding for mass fossil fuel subsidy
Greens link passage of EV laws to Labor’s gas fast-track bill
Beam Locked In As Hobart’s New Sole E-scooter Operator
Woodside’s Board Under Pressure
Transitioning to greener and more sustainable growth models can provide a massive boost to employment in Southeast Asia
The Role Technology Can Play In Combating Climate Change
Necessity is the mother of invention for this Ukrainian scholar
Fossil fuel companies must be held to account as reef suffers fifth mass bleaching event in a decade
Seventh Great Barrier Reef mass bleaching a desperate warning to end fossil fuels
Offshore oil and gas drilling would be banned in Victoria, under Greens’ bill
Expanded Energy Innovation Fund Now Open
Reversing Oil And Gas Ban Brazen And Utterly Reckless
Details matter in $2b Southeast Asian finance facility
Switch Off For Earth Hour
“MOST RESEARCH SITES ARE BLEACHED DOWN TO SIX METRES” The Southern Great Barrier Reef has been cooked by an “underwater bushfire”, and…
ACT Hosts Energy And Climate Change Ministers
ASEAN-Australia Special Summit must address climate crisis in the region: Oxfam
What Is Sustainable Finance?
Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions: September 2023 quarterly update
Commission confirms greater transparency requirements for lines companies as energy transition continues
ASIC issues infringement notice to Melbourne Securities for greenwashing
Flatlining Australian aid undermines regional security
Woodside’s Profits, Our Loss
Is there an alternative to 10,000 kilometres of new transmission lines? Yes – but you may not like it
Big players sign on to South Australia’s clean hydrogen future
Dr Andrew Forrest backs Climate Trigger while Labor backs gas
Optimism the key to multi-trillion-dollar boost in sustainable investment
Community energy the ticket for stable, reliable power
What Is Coral Bleaching?
Secret Santos ‘Smoking Gun’ shows Labor gagging First Nations & bypassing enviro law for new mega gas projects
Dr Joelle Gergis Announced as Writer in Residence at the Australia Institute 2024
Greens secure stronger climate action, welcome independent inquiry into power grid
Regional Australians punished by Labor’s car tax
Greenpeace welcomes crucial steps towards clean energy transition in WA
‘Green’ or ‘blue’ hydrogen – what difference does it make? Not much for most Australians
REVEALED: Fossil fuel giant Woodside breaches environmental laws
Measuring neutrons to reduce nuclear waste
Offshore gas must not bypass genuine consultation with traditional owners, local community
End convictions and deplorable detention conditions for human rights defenders, UN experts say: Viet Nam
Reduce pressures on wildlife by stabilising human numbers
‘Just get it done’: New research shows Australians back tax on fossil fuel exports
Queensland’s 2035 emissions target one of Australia’s best
A major blackout left 500,000 Victorians without power – but it shows our energy system is resilient
Axing the Auckland fuel tax reveals the lack of a real transport plan for NZ’s biggest city