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Orangutan Treats Wound With Pain-relieving Plant
Little progress in addressing overcrowding and deplorable detention conditions, say UN experts: Gabon
UN Torture prevention body to re-visit Gabon
Adopting Resolution 2721 (2023), Security Council Requests Secretary-General Appoint Special Envoy for Afghanistan
Coups, Violence, Climate Change among Factors Destabilizing Central Africa, Delegates Underline in Security Council
Multinational Mission’s Deployment Critical to Restoring Rule of Law in Haiti, 2653 Sanctions Committee Chair Tells Security Council
Security Council: UNITAD
Security Council: Syria 29 November
Renewed Strategic Plan Bears Fruit for International Criminal Court, Chief Prosecutor Says, Briefing Security Council on Work in Libya
Transitioning from BU-LABNET to Skin NTD LABNET
‘Unceasing Death, Destruction, Suffering’ of Russian Federation’s War on Ukraine Must End, Senior Humanitarian Affairs Official Tells Security Council
United Nations Refugee Chief, Briefing Security Council, Appeals for Ceasefire to Halt ‘Spiral of Death’ as Humanitarian Crisis Grips Gaza
Heralding Progress towards Peace in Colombia, Security Council Extends Mandate of Verification Mission, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2704 (2023)
As Regional Violence Spills over to Syria, Special Envoy, Briefing Security Council, Urges De-escalation, Refocus on Country’s Political Process
Arms Transfers Must Be Transparent, within International Legal Frameworks, Senior Disarmament Official Tells Security Council
Security Council Fails to Adopt Either of Two Draft Resolutions Addressing Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza
Security Council: The Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question
Security Council Fails to Adopt Resolution Calling for Humanitarian Pauses in Israel-Gaza Crisis on Account of Veto by United States
Armed Groups, Hate Speech, Lack of Dialogue in Great Lakes Region Cannot Go Ignored, Special Envoy Tells Security Council
With 4 Members in Favour, 5 Against, Security Council Rejects Russian Federation’s Resolution Calling for Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire in Israel-Palestine Crisis
Speakers in Security Council Call for Expanding United Nations-African Union Partnership to Tackle Rising Violence, Humanitarian Crises across Africa
Constructive Dialogue, Protection of Ex-Combatants, Vulnerable Groups Crucial to Solidify Peace in Colombia, Special Representative Tells Security Council
Buoyed by Political Stability Gains, Robust Federal Budget, Iraq Poised to Seize Opportunities on Multiple Fronts, Special Representative Tells Security Council
Briefing Security Council on Attacks against Ukrainian Village, City Centre, Senior Official Stresses Member States Must Show Commitment to UN Charter
Conflicts, Disasters Driving More Migrants to Risk Mediterranean Crossing, Briefers Warn Security Council Ahead of Libya Mandate Decision
Special Envoy, Briefing Security Council, Fears a Turn for the Worse in Syria Unless Fitful Political Process Urgently Gets Back on Track
Security Council: The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question
One Year On, Security Council Hears Renewed Calls to Determine the Cause of Undersea Explosions Targeting Nord Stream Gas Pipelines
Induce Taliban to End ‘Gender Apartheid’ in Afghanistan through All Available Means, Speakers Urge Security Council, Alarmed by Growing Oppression of Women, Girls
Security Council: Ukraine 21 September
Security Council: Humanitarian Partnerships
Sudan’s Worsening Violence, Humanitarian Crisis Could Foreshadow Civil War, Senior Officials Warn Security Council, Calling for Urgent Action to End Conflict
Continued Military Assistance to Ukraine, Weapons, Ammunition Transfers to Russian Federation Risks Conflict’s Escalation, Senior Official Warns Security Council
Security Council: Working Methods
Veto by Russian Federation Results in Security Council’s Failure to Renew Travel Ban, Asset Freeze against Those Obstructing Mali Peace Agreement
As United Nations Closes Mali Operation, Many Delegates in Security Council Urge Transitional Government to Guarantee Mission’s Safe, Unhindered Withdrawal
Measures Needed to Create Space for Diplomacy on Korean Peninsula, Peacebuilding Official Tells Security Council following Satellite Launch by Pyongyang
HSF advises Maurel & Prom on the signature of a share purchase agreement for the acquisition of Assala Energy from The Carlyle Group
Detailing Extremist Violence on Both Sides of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Senior Official Tells Security Council Political Horizon Must Be Re-Established
Security Council Speakers Argue Over Western Countries Supplying Arms That Support Ukraine’s Right to Self-Defence Against Russian Federation’s Aggression
Continued Military Hostilities, Sexual Violence, Attacks against Citizens Pushing Sudan into ‘Catastrophic’ Humanitarian Crisis, Speakers Warn Security Council
Delegates Criticize Russian Federation for Consuming Resources of Security Council
West Africa, Sahel Requires Tangible, Long-Term Support to Eliminate Terrorism, Address Humanitarian Crisis, Special Representative Tells Security Council
Security Council: Syria 25 July
‘For the Sake of Ukraine’s People, Global Community’ Russian Federation’s Unjustified War Must Stop, Under-Secretary-General Tells Security Council
Security Council Extends Mandate of United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2692 (2023)
Implementation of Colombia Peace Accord Gaining Traction, Special Representative Tells Security Council, as It Prepares to Discuss Expanding Verification Mission
Security Council: Syria Cross-Border Mechanism