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National Press Club Address ‘No time to waste, no more lives to lose’ says genomics pioneer. A bold and innovative approach is…
MRFF funding awarded to national project to improve genetic disease diagnosis
Pancreatic cancer research receives $8m philanthropic funding boost
Medical research institutes invited to apply for $160 million in NSW Government support
We’ve awarded $5.3m to enable 12 world-class researchers around Australia
‘Innovations in equality’ highlighted on International Women’s Day
Future Of Cancer Research With Professor Alex Swarbrick
NSW Women in Life Sciences Luncheon 2024 speakers announced
‘Can you walk a kilometre?’ The question that predicts fracture risk
La Trobe launches AlleSense to enhance cancer, disease diagnosis
AlleSense launches to enhance cancer diagnosis
UNSW attracts $41.6m in NHMRC Investigator Grants
UNSW researchers receive more than $20m in Ideas and Development Grants
UNSW attracts $41.6 million in NHMRC Investigator Grants
UNSW academics awarded more than $14m for health and medical research
Over $9 million invested to support NHMRC Postgraduate Scholars
Genetic screening for clearer future
$5 million NHMRC funding for cancer research
World-leading oceanographer recognised as Scientist of the Year
Predicting cancer patient response to drugs that block DNA repair
Pharmaxis announces the publication of positive preclinical data for PXS-5505
Drug that targets scar-like tissue in tumours shows promise for pancreatic cancer
Drug that targets scar-like tissue in tumours shows promise
Glaucoma blindness intervention in our sights
Pioneering national genomics initiative to fight cancer launched at UNSW
Pioneering national genomics initiative gives 23,000 Australians their best fighting chance against the toughest cancers
Cancer research fast-tracked with $1.6 million funding boost
Recruiting now: study to improve outcomes for inherited card
‘Village’ approach to transform stem cell research
Gene provides clues for preventing common diabetes side effe
Kings Birthday Honours for Swinburne community
‘Village’ approach to transform stem cell research
Fellows recognised with King’s Birthday Honours
Link between chronic stress and comfort eating: mouse study
How chronic stress drives brain to crave comfort food
Early humans’ migration out of Africa holds clues for medica
Ancient humans may have paused in Arabia for 30,000 years on their way out of Africa
Researchers pinpoint brain cells that drive appetite in obes
Researchers image live drug response and resistant ‘pockets’
Inflammation ‘brake’ gene may help reveal outcomes of kidney
12 world-class cancer research projects helping us reach a cancer free future, sooner
Insights into causes of rare genetic immune disorders
Exposing tumours to bacteria converts immune cells to cancer killers
Exposing cancers to bacteria reminds first responder immune
Tumour cells’ response to chemotherapy is driven by randomne
Specialised garbage disposal cell, implicated in autoimmune
New tool in arsenal against Covid is being put to t
What we can learn from the Ozempic shortage