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Cyber Security Incident Update
Consultation Opens On Stormwater Management Plan
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A healthy outlook: Building a workforce to shape the AI frontier
Eavesdropping on endangered pink cockatoos with AI and bioacoustics
Monash to launch Global Encounters virtual reality journey into Australia’s First Nations history
Report: Warmer planet will trigger increased farm losses
Ancient cities provide key datasets for urban planning, policy and predictions in the Anthropocene
The strange story of the grave of Copernicus
Most Adirondack lakes will likely become unsuitable for trout
World-first solution to combat spray drift saves growers time, money
Get set for safe summer on NSW roads
Coral reefs in peril from record-breaking ocean heat
Clozapine blood tests can be reduced after two years
New jobs in AI world of work
WhaleVis turns more than a century of whaling data into an interactive map
Project to examine the relationship between severe weather and migration
Five forecast tools to help you make better decisions
Extreme temperatures push oceans into uncharted waters
Productive herds deliver greener bottom line
Lotterywest grant to help improve protection of threatened species
Council honours Townsville’s standout seniors
Nervous nineties or nerves-of-steel nineties?
New Tool Predicts Crop Yields in Southeast
With hundreds of call-outs every day, wildlife rescue services can help us understand the threats to our native animals
Hackathons Challenge Groups to Predict the Next Famine Using Data
Model Aims to Help First Responders Reach Accident Sites Faster
‘Restocker steer to heifer’ premium at highest level since the drought
WHO/UNICEF have started the Immunization Annual Data Collection Process
NC State Researchers Predict Normal Hurricane Season
Taking fish monitoring to new depths
Risky strategy helps migratory birds offset climate change
Cattle slaughter expected to fall in April
Frogs of Holey Plains
Digitised greenhouse gas calculator launched for producers
Kids+ project identifying goat fertility issues
Estuaries Face Higher Nutrient Loads in the Future – Particularly on the Atlantic Coast