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Ukraine: As fighting intensifies around Kharkiv, ICRC increases support for displaced people
Red Cross opens new 60-bed field hospital in Gaza
Gaza: ICRC calls for protection of civilians while hoping for an agreement amidst evacuations, military operations and negotiations
Sudan: Two ICRC drivers killed by gunmen
Gender equality is a marker of peace and security
Algeria: ICRC president meets with Algerian authorities
Humanitarian support for Ethiopia and Somalia
Members of the Commonwealth and Red Cross and Crescent to discuss IHL in South Africa
“The obstacles that block humanitarian access must be immediately overcome” tells ICRC President at the Humanitarian Conference on Sudan and neighboring countries, in Paris
International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement urges support for conflict victims: “We cannot let Sudan become another forgotten crisis”
DR Congo: More than 44,000 people receive emergency food aid as violence in eastern provinces intensifies
Search Continues for People Missing in Connection with Armed Conflicts
Mozambique: ICRC calls on respect for civilians, ramps up support to Mozambique Red Cross response to a new wave of displacements in Cabo Delgado
ICRC president travels to Qatar to discuss the situation in Israel-Gaza
A statement on Gaza and Israel from the president of the ICRC
Somalia: Red Cross begins Ramadan food deliveries for detainees
Focus on cyber operations that cause physical damage is not enough
Cyber threats impacting the safety and dignity of civilians in conflict
DR Congo: Civilians in the firing line as use of heavy weapons signals alarming new phase of armed conflict in the east
I’ve Seen War And Beyond Horror Lies Shared Humanity
Remarks delivered by the Head of CTA Bureau at the United Nations Press briefing in Geneva
Russia-Ukraine international armed conflict: 23,000 people reported missing
ICRC remains extremely concerned about the lives and welfare of hostages in Gaza
Gaza: Increased armed hostilities in Rafah pose disastrous risk to civilian lives and infrastructure
Statement from ICRC’s Near & Middle East regional director following recent developments in the region
New Zealand provides further humanitarian support to Gaza and the West Bank
Kalidou Koulibaly: Senegal footballer signs up to defend the most vulnerable in armed conflicts
Gaza at risk of complete medical shut down without urgent action to preserve services
Ukraine: Thousands of families near the frontline receive heating materials to protect against harsh winter conditions
ICRC welcomes the agreement to deliver medication to the hostages and medical facilities in Gaza
IHL seeks to limit the humanitarian consequences of armed conflicts
Israel and the occupied territories: President of the ICRC arrives in Gaza, calls for the protection of civilians
Israel and the occupied territories: Suffering for civilians continues as hostilities resume
We are here with a common goal: to eliminate nuclear weapons
Israel and the Occupied Territories: ICRC teams begin multi-day operation to reunite hostages and detainees with their families, deliver assistance
Sudan: Brutal, targeted attacks on civilians must stop
ICRC President in Qatar to urge progress to alleviate humanitarian crisis
Further humanitarian support for Gaza, the West Bank and Israel
ICRC President to meet with families of hostages
Israel and the Occupied Territories: The ICRC urges protection for Gaza civilians evacuating and staying behind
Israel and the Occupied Territories: ICRC demands protection of patients, healthcare workers, medical facilities in Gaza amid escalating attacks
ICRC President tells Gaza forum: civilians must be protected, hostages must be released unharmed
Israel and the Occupied Territories: Horrific suffering of civilians must end
Israel and the Occupied Territories: War surgery team, new medical supplies arrive in Gaza amidst a deepening humanitarian crisis
WHO calls for immediate release, access to, and medical support for hostages taken by Hamas
Women’s participation in international peace and security: From theory to practice
Governments and hackers agree: the laws of war must apply in cyberspace
New Zealand provides humanitarian support to Israel and Gaza