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Gene discovery offers new hope for Aussies living with chronic skin disease
New research investigates the genetics of circulating vitamin A
Nasal rinsing: why flushing the nasal passages with tap water to tackle hayfever could be a fatal mistake
Water allergy: a debilitating but thankfully rare condition
Gut microbiome: meet Ruminococcus bromii – the microbe that loves carbs
Microplastics found in artery plaque linked with higher risk of heart attack, stroke and death
Endometriosis Inquiry To Uncover Women’s Pain
Gut microbiome and gene editing projects share in $3 million research funding
Hot tubs are as full of nasty germs as you fear
The middle-aged brain changes a lot – and it’s key to understanding dementia
Hope For Autoinflammatory Disease Treatment
Gut microbiome: meet Roseburia intestinalis – the energy-producing bacterium that helps us fight against disease
Natures Farmer Sea: Nourishing Oceans, Nurturing You
Participants needed for study of promising drug for hand osteoarthritis
World Kidney Day Focus On Promising DARP Research
Tryptophan in diet, gut bacteria protect against E. coli infection
Menstrual health literacy is alarmingly low – what you don’t know can harm you
Does intermittent fasting have benefits for our brain?
Mesoblast says US FDA feedback indicates support for accelerated approval pathway
MicroRNA Predicts Severe Crohn’s Disease In Children
Immune cells can adapt to invading pathogens, deciding whether to fight now or prepare for the next battle
Fast Five With Mark Vidallon
Early Start To Spring Allergies
Children get arthitis too, with life-changing effects – but exercise can help
Omega-3 fatty acids are linked to better lung health, particularly in patients with pulmonary fibrosis
Targeting inflammatory protein could help treat severe asthma
Babies use their immune system differently but efficiently
Gut microbiome: meet Lactobacillus acidophilus – the gut health superhero
New lead in gut health research
Revealing What Makes Bacteria Life-threatening
Dementia can be predicted more than a decade before diagnosis with these blood proteins
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy tested for post-covid conditions
Trial for potential rheumatoid arthritis treatment begins
Research reveals gut’s crucial role in lung disease
T cells team-up to protect the liver from infection
Small RNAs help skin wounds heal faster with minimal scarring, find scientists
Concussion in sport: why making players sit out for 21 days afterwards is a good idea
Light, labor inducer could treat skin condition
Better treatments sooner – Hudson’s new RNAte Platform unveiled
Steroid offers promising treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
CASS grant success
Manchester researchers develop first ever guideline for cancer screening in rare muscle disease
SARS-CoV-2 can infect dopamine neurons, causing senescence
Controlling inflammation to conquer lung infections
Team Explores Role of Stimulator of Interferon Genes in Body’s Innate Immune System
Lupus trigger discovered
Mice without immune cells show no SARS-CoV-2 symptoms
Key to young onset bowel cancer may be gut bacteria