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Free school meals for all may reduce childhood obesity, while easing financial and logistical burdens for families and schools
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Vaccine-skeptical mothers say bad health care experiences made them distrust the medical system
April’s eclipse will mean interruptions in solar power generation, which could strain electrical grids
Hundreds of thousands of US infants every year pay the consequences of prenatal exposure to drugs, a growing crisis particularly in rural America
Sea fireflies synchronize their sparkle to seek soulmates
Grow-NY Summit to spotlight transformative technology
From meerkat school to whale-tail slapping and oyster smashing, how clever predators shape their world
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How Hermit-Like Are You?
Two innovative research teams win Royal Society of Chemistry’s prestigious Horizon Prizes
Coming to grips with stiff competition
E-cigarette companies seek IP protections in face of rising regulation
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My heart told me the time was now: Alan Zhou ’03 shares his giving story
Ballarat’s shared history with US Marines
Northeastern Dairy Product Innovation Competition launches
ILR School’s Climate Jobs Institute to launch in New York City
RSV: What Parents Should Know
Cornell leads $3M project to grow organic dry bean industry
REDcycle’s collapse is more proof that plastic recycling is a broken system
Year of Anti-Racist Work at School of Medicine
Public Health Grad Helps Diagnose Sister’s Brain Tumor
For birds: Battling threat of avian influenza
Study shows Gulf of Maine cooling for 900 years, then quickly warming since late 1800s
New Qld officer for fisheries, aquaculture R&D
Helping Communities in Need While Training Doctors to Treat Whole Patient
Art from National Maritime Collection on show in series of mini exhibitions
Understanding why our giant glaciers disappeared in past gives clues to future
Five things to know about supply chains and Covid stock shortages
Mining for knowledge: Scientists identify bee that can aid black cherry recovery
Bald eagle rebound stunted by poisoning from lead ammunition
Daily dose of yoghurt could be go-to food to manage high blood pressure
NYU, University of Waikato Receive Mellon Foundation Grant to Protect Indigenous Knowledge and Data
Penn State partners on project to help protect coastal communities
Gore Fabrics announces major transition in its product technology – Greenpeace response
UNE launches interdisciplinary center dedicated to engagement and research in digital health
American chestnut: Restoring a keystone species
UNE CUP Scholars help distribute oral health supply kits for 44,000 Maine children in need
Noah Perlut’s gull research featured in Yankee Magazine
Stephen Burt print featured in online international exhibit