Latest Mangalore News

ADS-B Rebate Program
ADS-B Rebate Ends 31 May 2024
Speeding driver detected on Midland Highway, Mangalore
ADS– take advantage before 31 May 2024
Super Spring Build To Boost Regional Rail
Retracing aviation heritage trail
Consultation begins on preferred sites for new youth detention facility
Night Aviation Patrols Take Off For High-Risk Fire Period
Qantas grows codeshare network with new destinations across India
Road rescue crews take to skies during floods
Preliminary report details Kosciuszko helicopter accident
Visibility study highlights how ADS-B IN can assist pilots to better identify potential traffic conflicts
EMS helicopter receives TCAS RA
Level crossing upgrade works deliver Shepparton Line safety boost
Firearms Theft at Mangalore
ATSB releases Mangalore mid-air collision investigation final report
Bushfire Place of Last Resort
Top Guns of firefighting at home in Strathbogie Shire
Getting racing back on track in Tasmania
Calls for local ideas to maximise Inland Rail connectivity
Life after racing for Tasmania’s greyhounds
Mid-air collision preliminary report released
Council welcomes EOI approval
Government backs local ideas for Inland Rail interface improvements
Police investigate aircraft collision in Mangalore
Re-homing Tasmania’s greyhounds
International student wins top honour
Mid-point on Midland Highway safety works