Latest nanomaterials News

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Engineering Bacteria to Biosynthesize Intricate Protein Complexes
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Sydney academics awarded prestigious ARC Grants
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Craft of doing science at nanoscale
Specialist research hub into the conversion of carbon dioxide into useful products opens at Monash University
UWA researchers recognised in Premier’s Science Awards
UWA researchers take out three categories in Premier’s Science Awards
ANSTO scientists will participate in three new ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres
Researchers Reveal a Powerful Platform for Studying High-entropy Alloy Electrocatalysis
Towards Artificial Photosynthesis with Engineering of Protein Crystals in Bacteria
Nanorobots successfully deal with oral fungal infections “rapidly and precisely”
Tokyo Tech Research Video “Dynamic self-assembly of designed protein ‘Needles'” Now Online Proteins self-assemble nano patterns
Changes to medical device essential principles for nanomaterials
“Inkable” nanomaterial promises big benefits for bendable electronics
UNSW researchers granted top honours from Australian Academy of Science
Leading role in circular economy
GEIC signs NERD as Tier 1 partner for sustainable construction tech
PolyU research discovers nanoscale ferroelectric new materials exhibiting potential for making computer memory with low cost and low energy consumption
‘Lights out’ for antibiotic-resistant superbugs
Cambridge University-Tokyo Tech Joint Online Workshop Growing opportunities for research exchange and collaboration
Nanomaterial influences gut microbiome and immune system interactions
Magnetic material mops up microplastics in water
Researchers build long-sought nanoparticle structure, opening door to special properties
New 2D nanomaterial membrane unleashes ocean energy
UQ researchers receive $2.4 million funding
Research in Focus: Reef rock close-up helps unlock underwater secrets
Chemists uncover cracks in amour of cellulose nanocrystals
Next gen materials take flight with Swinburne research
DECRA funding supports University of Adelaide research
2022 Tokyo Tech Challenging Research Award
Building Molecular Bridges: New Crystal Engineering Strategy to Design Ultrabright Fluorescent Solid Dyes
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Atom by Atom: Building Precise Smaller Nanoparticles with Templates
Public’s view on using graphene to treat cancer sought
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