Latest privatisation News

Minns Government throws cash at Transgrid with no guarantee of job completion
Eraring must sell electricity at fair prices
NSW Government secures two-year extension to Eraring Power Station to manage reliability and price risks
NSW Government secures 2-year extension to Eraring Power Station to manage reliability and price risks
Community called on to support fight to secure airport’s future
Victorians will be waiting thirty years for public and community homes because of Labor’s privatisation
Happy Friday: Kicking off public hearings for two Audit Committee inquiries – Commonwealth Financial Statements and Failed Visa Privatisation
Private COVID jabs lead to concerns about creeping privatisation in the NHS
Call For Feedback On Freight Policy Reform
Labor’s plan to demolish public housing towers in tatters, as party’s own members join chorus of opponents
Parliament Update 27 March 2024
One year of repair, reform and action, and much more to do
Audit Committee expands inquiry into failed privatisation of visa processing
Privatisation Deals Made Public
Toll Review identifies a road to a fairer system for motorists
Hospital privatisation is linked with worse quality care for patients – new research
Minister reveals 100% of private child service providers are providing inaccurate information to the Government
Reforms to boost productivity and private investment would help secure stronger growth, more high-quality jobs and increased living standards in Egypt: OECD
ACTU response to Professor Fels’ report and recommendations
Minister cannot say whether $11.5 billion of public land will be sold off or protected from corrupt processes
IVF ‘add on’ treatments: Fair choice or false hope?
NSW child protection crisis means Minns Government must de-privatise broken system
Greens back class action against public housing demolition
NSW Government must act urgently on crisis in child protection
Could smart speakers protect women against intimate partner violence? New research asks whether we should embrace “Big Sister”
New report: Gentailer dividends a barrier to energy decarbonisation and lower energy prices
NSW latest record pay increase for paramedics
WA Premier takes axe to EPA instead of strengthening environmental protection
Community to rally against Labor’s plan to demolish 44 public housing towers
$60 weekly toll cap to provide cost of living relief to 720,000 motorists
Report recommends Commonwealth Employment Services system
Audit Committee to inquire into Home Affairs’ abandoned $92 million visa application procurement
FINAL REPORT TABLED: Rebuilding the employment services system
Serco failing to keep Speedies Secure and Safe
Council Responds to Inquiry into Protecting Local Water Utilities
Minister Washington’s child out-of-home-care reform push welcomed
Correction centres returning to public hands a welcome step towards rehabilitative justice
De-privatising prisons a massive win for New South Wales
Labor isn’t taking housing crisis seriously: Greens costing reveals ten times more rentals could be released
Past privatisation agreements to be publicly released
Landmark legislation protects Queensland energy workers and public ownership
Greens call for the Government to step up, as UWU survey reveals children’s safety and wellbeing at risk
Expedite Goyder exit and shake up Qantas board
Step into world where art and architecture collide
Labor’s plan to demolish public housing towers will see just 15 extra social homes built each year
Greens write to Premier Allan, urge rethink on housing privatisation
Minns’ money grab to drive clubs off public land