Latest protected species News

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Dead Bird Display
Pest Detection Dog Teams Kept Busy In City Of Sails
Power Of Transparency
ACT Labor calls-in environmentally risky development after request from private developer
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Flying-fox management plan on exhibition
Man sentenced for skippering vessel into flock of protected seabirds
Tūrangi gulls are short-term visitors
Measures build sustainable future for fishing industry and protect Great Barrier Reef
Fishers and divers encouraged to share sightings
Air New Zealand and Department of Conservation partnership renewed and expanded
Residents urged to take responsibility for cats
Fisheries compliance operation underway for school holidays
Industry successes keep us anchored in a changing environment
Protected animals’ heads removed in spate of horrific incidents
NSW again rolls out antiquated shark net technology – marine advocates respond by calling on the public to fax the Premier
‘Misc and chips’ for dinner anyone?
Government told to stop pretending the shark nets benefit public safety
Camera rollout boosts marine protection
Reducing catch of protected species in our waters
Bolstered biosecurity and drought resilience focus of ag budget
Conservation dogs embark on annual island check up
Man charged after alleged act of animal cruelty – Little Bay
Labour left floundering on seabed health
Clever canines developing a nose for conservation in Taranaki
Approximately 100 dead native waterbirds including threatened species will be displayed outside the Premier’s office at 1 Treasury Place Melbourne at 11am,…
Australian Bass and Estuary Perch closure commences 1 May
Consultation opens on plan to transform the fishing sector
Police charge man over act of animal cruelty – Eastwood
Investigation underway after act of animal cruelty – Eastwood
Shattered wings, legs & beaks – duck shoot begins
Endangered sawfish win reprieve with NT fishing closure
Rangers give striped possum ‘Beetlejuice’ a leg-up thanks to custom-made tree
Environment law fails to protect threatened species
Skip seal just keeps swimming
Study investigates ‘trashy’ lives of white ibis
Can customary harvesting of NZ’s native species be sustainable? Archaeology and palaeo-ecology provide some answers
Knoxfield development refused
Fur seal skips Sydney and heads south after landmark release
How does fence protect native plants and animals
DES puts wildlife offenders on notice – your permits will be cancelled
$3.9 million to stop protected species being caught in fishing gear
Cruel reality of Andrews Government’s mass killing of dingoes revealed
Green pressure helps keep check on commercial fishing
Additional $204 million for Great Barrier Reef can help boost resilience to global warming