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New ecosystem mapping workflow tackles unique challenges of Antarctic continent
Private landholders control 60% of the Australian continent – so let’s get them involved in nature protection
Data poisoning: how artists are sabotaging AI to take revenge on image generators
Call to donate Duplo blocks to aid Papua New Guinean children’s maths learning
NHMRC funding to tackle increasing antimicrobial resistance
Chronic migraine research finds genetic mechanism to lower migraine frequency
Project seeks high-value models of end-of-life care
Three projects awarded $4.5M in NHMRC Ideas grants
New appointees to Sydney Harbour Federation Trust
Research looks to flip commercial fishing method to aid species conservation
Our cities will need to harvest stormwater in an affordable and green way – here’s how
New treatment for deadly uterine cancer
Australian avocado exporting is set to get FASTA
Obstacles to health data sharing
$2.27M boost to train data scientists for sports tech challenges
1 in 4 adults think smacking is necessary to ‘properly raise’ kids. But attitudes are changing
Protecting Great Barrier Reef – because it’s worth it
Integrated wastewater treatment plants and public transport are a win-win
Australia’s first mobile cooling hub is ready for searing heat this summer – and people who are homeless helped design it
Fast Five with Moran Zhou 7 December
Union takes QUT to court over dodgy fixed-term contracts
Noam Chomsky turns 95: social justice advocate paved way for AI
Space Technology Precinct lunar testbed nears completion
McLaren joins race to protect Great Barrier Reef
QUT medical centres open to public
Tobacco bill before Senate – “a symphony of law reform”
Scientists delivering 100k baby corals in major step towards helping the Reef
Google Australia and QUT launch A2O Search
Changing attitudes indicate Australia open to banning smacking of children
Voluntary assisted dying is now available in all Australian states. How do the NSW laws compare?
Brisbane premiere for epic adventure film Fly From Everest
New research to identify antibiotic-resistant genes in the environment
Archibald works to feature at gallery
OpenAI’s board is facing backlash for firing CEO Sam Altman – but it’s good it had the power to
New ARC hub to boost 2D materials manufacturing research
$2.1M boost to expand exotic mushroom production in Australia
Building a better internet for children: how-to guide launched
Asia Pacific women researchers in mosquito-borne diseases build collaborative network
Bodies corporate, unit owners and land buyers better supported under new reforms
RACS Trauma Symposium explores concerning rise in e-scooter injuries
Premier meets with China’s Ministry of Education to strengthen vocational education and training links
Queensland dances its way to better health and wellbeing
New projects for Saving Koala Fund
Better protecting Queensland koalas
Australia’s voluntary assisted dying laws examined in new podcast
Stan and Netflix elevate Australian horror films to world stage
$7.7M ARC Discovery Grants for 15 projects