Latest supercomputer News

Solution to ancient astronomy puzzle to aid solar storm warnings
Release of “Fugaku-LLM” – a large language model trained on the supercomputer “Fugaku” Enhanced Japanese language ability, for use in research and business
ISU researcher presents at White House AI event; team wins grant for AI-assisted ag tool
How Does Brain Think?
We went looking for glowing interstellar gas – and stumbled on 49 unknown galaxies
What is a GPU? An expert explains the chips powering the AI boom, and why they’re worth trillions
First-ever atomic freeze-frame of liquid water
World first supercomputer capable of brain-scale simulation being built at Western Sydney University
Swinburne to host new French-Australian centre to tackle climate change
The new frontier in online security: quantum-safe cryptography
New Antarctic ice shelf-ocean model makes a splash 8 November 2023
Processor made for AI speeds up genome assembly
Physical theory improves protein folding prediction
SuperCon 2023 – 29th Supercomputing Contest held for high school and technical college students
Putting universe to test
New $5.2m supercomputer enhances high impact research around Australia
To Stick or to Bounce: Size Determines the Stickiness of Cosmic Dust Aggregates
3D Glasses for Topological Materials
Homecoming Day 2023 held in person and online
New AI Boosts Teamwork Training
Tokyo Tech, Tohoku University, Fujitsu, and RIKEN start collaboration to develop distributed training of Large Language Models
Tokyo Tech and HPE collaborate to build the next generation TSUBAME4.0 supercomputer for artificial intelligence, scientific research, and innovation
Computational ‘Short Cuts’ Offer Fast Answers to Complex Supply Chain Problems
Investigating the Effects on Amide-to-Ester Substitutions on Membrane Permeability of Cyclic Peptides
A unique collaboration using a virtual Earth-sized telescope shows how science is changing in the 21st century
Climate scientists producing regional climate projections
Supercomputer to predict WA climate change 75 years into future
Researchers turn to quantum computing power to simulate, study atomic nuclei
Grant quantum leap for women in STEM
How NVIDIA helped 3D researchers bring naval history to life
Scalable model makes for more efficient, smarter grid use, researchers report
Gold-rich Stars Came from Ancient Galaxies
Rare Earth Elements Synthesis Confirmed in Neutron Star Mergers
RMIT supercomputer fast-tracking research opens for business
Virologists close gap on unknown viruses affecting amphibians and reptiles
Researchers recommend future pandemic responses account for ethnicity, social factors
SuperCon 2022 – Supercomputing Contest held online for high school and technical college students
Research center will help industries connect with Penn State’s AI prowess
Pacific Ocean set to make way for world’s next supercontinent
Researchers identify mechanism responsible for temperature and salinity ‘staircases’ in Arctic Ocean
Improving health outcomes for First Nations Australians
Digital damage: Is your online life polluting planet?
Through looking glass: strange atomic structure of glassy materials
A new Australian supercomputer has already delivered a stunning supernova remnant pic
Promising beginnings for Australia’s newest supercomputer
Researcher examines how two volcanic eruptions forever changed flightless brown kiwi
TJU Rector Dr. Bekir Sami Yilbas Visits Tokyo Tech Campuses
UQ’s unique plan to keep new supercomputer up to date